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Cancer Zodiac Sign Compatibilities

Updated on June 10, 2013

Which Signs are Cancer Zodiac Signs Compatible With?

One of the most reliable zodiac signs is Cancer and this is because of their great determination in everything that they do. They are also very creative and they never run out of ideas, which is why their employees and employers love them. When it comes to mingling with other people, they are very kind. They don't like hurting people around them, because they don't want to be hurt by these people as well.

Relationships with Cancer can be different at times. As they tend to become really possessive and short tempered. The good thing is they are honest and loyal so their partners don't usually have to worry about anything and everything about them. They are also very generous, in such a way that sometimes they tend to give too much. This can make other people to take advantage of them.

Life for them should be comfortable in order for them to be able to enjoy the luxuries of life. They are also fond of buying things that are expensive. They love eating and drinking wine, for as long as the tastes will satisfy their high standards. Love for nature and beauty are the two of the most common traits that they have with other people.

Cancer With Aries

One of the hardest zodiac signs to match are Cancer with Aries. They may be both good when it comes to sex, but it can immediately fade away when things get out of hand. Cancer always wants to be cautious about every thing in life, and always wants to be at home. On the other hand, Aries don't like others to be so dependent on them. Both of these traits can cause problems for the both of them. Marriage with these signs is typically unsuccessful.

Cancer with Taurus

The combination of Cancer and Taurus are both good because of their loving traits. They are very passionate in everything that they do. Both of them require the feeling of security in each other, and they are both willing to give security to each other in their relationship. Marriage is usually successful for both of them for as long as they continue providing what each other needs.

Cancer With Gemini

The combination of Cancer and Gemini may be exciting at first because they will start intriguing each other with their traits. Unfortunately this won't last long because security will not be found by Cancer. Their relationship may work out at first, but it will eventually fade. A long term relationship is quite impossible, which is why marriage is not ideal.

Cancer With Cancer

The combination of both Cancer zodiac sign has obviously a lot of common traits and great potential. This in return can cause for them to be too happy or sad about each others circumstances. Both of them are very sensitive in dealing with a lot of things. If they are going to pursue married life, they need to ensure that they will understand each other as time passes by for their relationship to work.

Cancer with Leo

The Cancer and Leo combination is a good match for as long as the Cancer-born will allow the Leo to lead her along the way. Leo will be more understanding with Cancer as he will start to understand everything about Cancer. When it comes to sex, Leo always wants to be in the lead. Marriage is possible for both of these zodiac signs.

Cancer with Virgo

The Cancer and Virgo combination will turn out successful because of their amazing personalities. Cancer is the one who's emotional in the relationship, while Virgo will be the practical one. Marriage for the both of them may turn out quite successful.

Cancer with Libra

The combination of Cancer and Libra is not good because Libra will have a hard time understanding Cancer's temperament that changes every now and then. When it comes to relationships, Cancer should start showing excitement in bed for Libra to become more interested. Marriage for the both of them is not ideal.

Cancer with Scorpio

The Cancer and Scorpio combination is good. Cancer may be longing for security, and Scorpio can certainly give the security that Cancer wants. When it comes to bed, Scorpio will be the one who's more passionate, while Cancer will be the one who's more sensitive. They can end up with a good married relationship if they pursue this path in their lives.

Cancer with Sagittarius

The combination of Cancer and Sagittarius is not ideal because their marriage won't typically last. The reason behind this is because Sagittarius will have a hard time showing his love and affection for Cancer. This can cause problems because Cancer is longing for love and affection when it comes to relationships.

Cancer With Capricorn

The Cancer and Capricorn connection will have a hard time fixing their relationship's flaws. Capricorn will have a hard time giving in into the Cancer's wishes, which can definitely be frustrating for the both of them. This can cause conflicts and such. Marriage is not ideal for the both of them.

Cancer with Aquarius

The combination of Cancer and Aquarius may not work because of too much indifference that they have. Aquarius has an unpredictable trait, while Cancer will have a hard time keeping with the unpredictable traits of an Aquarius. Marriage will often not work for the both of them.

Cancer with Pisces

The Cancer and Pisces combination will make a good couple. They are both be very affectionate about each other. They are both very imaginative in a lot of ways, which is definitely good for both of them. Marriage is typically successful for the both of them.


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