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Capaldi May Quit Dr Who In The Future.

Updated on December 27, 2015
Current Time Lord:  Peter Capaldi.
Current Time Lord: Peter Capaldi. | Source
One Of The Doctor's Arch - Enemies:  The Daleks.
One Of The Doctor's Arch - Enemies: The Daleks. | Source

Peter Capaldi As The Doctor.

In an interview with 'The Telegraph' the current actor playing the time travelling alien with two hearts from the planet Gallifrey has admitted his time to quit could be coming in the near future.

In the interview Peter Capaldi who replaced Matt Smith in 2014 said he feels he wants to do other roles and finds the role of the Doctor rather insular even though he admits he loves the series.

Dr Who has always been the BBC's flagship sci - fi series and it has a long history being shown on BBC 1 for many years now. Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor Who and even though admitting he may leave in the near future he has signed up for the 10th season of this popular show.

The show has always been scary and many a youngster in their 40s now will remember the Daleks or the Cybermen and a plethora of other frightening monsters and aliens keeping them hiding behind the sofa but they still came back to watch the week after as the Doctor battled these creatures.

The show now though is even more frightening and the story lines have got very complicated which makes one wonder whether you have to be an Einstein to understand them. However the show remains popular and has just had its Christmas showing featuring comedian Matt Lucas.

The most popular doctor of the entire series since it was brought back out of retirement now has been David Tennant and maybe no Doctor Who will be as popular as he has been in playing the role.

The show has been accused of being misogynist and the writer for the series Stephen Moffat has said there should be more positive roles for women on the show and in tv in general but he cannot understand why Doctor Who has been singled out as of late the Doctor's female companions that accompany him in his journey across time and space are very forthright and at times save the Doctor's bacon. The Doctor's arch nemesis formally known as The Master also a Time Lord from Gallifrey has been transformed into a woman now known as Missy and she certainly is a powerful character.

How long Peter Capaldi stays as the Doctor in the end probably does not matter as the show I suspect will remain just as popular as it has always been.


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    • Chase Whitfield profile image

      Chase Whitfield 

      2 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      I've always liked Peter Capaldi, but for some reason- for me at least, he's just never caught on as The Doctor. He's signed on for one more season (Season 10), which will put him at three seasons, which has been the standard for the last two Doctors, so it's likely that next year would've been his last either way.

    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      2 years ago from Blackpool


    • emge profile image


      2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Interesting post


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