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Cardio Striptease

Updated on April 28, 2015
Demonstrating a knee hold
Demonstrating a knee hold | Source

I was looking for some fun new exercises to shape up for this summer when I found the Cardio-strip and strip-aerobic routines. I must admit that I am not very fond of aerobic exercise, I prefer Yoga, Pilates or some form of dancing like belly dancing, lambada or salsa. Anything that is fun to do and can be applied to everyday life. That is why the cardio strip caught my attention.

What is Cardio Strip?

Cardiovascular exercise refers to raising your heart rate to a level where you are working out but can still talk. Cardio striptease is a low impact aerobic workout that uses striptease moves. Between aerobics and a sensual yoga it is the routine that will not only work out your body but also your self confidence and sex appeal as it not only focuses on fitness but also in being and feeling sexy. One might say that strip aerobics and cardio striptease are as much about losing inhibitions as weight.

Introduction to Cardio Striptease

Why do Strip Aerobics?

Cardio striptease is a fun alternative to more traditional workouts. Not only do you tone your body but you have fun while doing it. If you choose the pole dancing version, you will use a pole and dance like a professional. After all, wouldn't you like to feel like a "pole dancer" for an hour just to unwind from a boring job? When you finish your routine, you are not only fully worked out but you are also feeling sexier.

You do not need any special clothes or shoes to practice cardio strip tease. In fact, most teachers prefer to practice bare footed. But if you are like me -born with a pair of high heels glued to your feet- you can do your workout on your 6 inches stilettos!

Some people practice with several layers of clothes so they can strip while dancing, but stripping is not a requirement for any of the routines. However, you can go to your workout wearing your fetish boa or fluffy scarf to add fun to your cardio session.

Pole dancing fitness

The Benefits of Cardio strip

  1. The Cardio Strip workout is designed to physically strengthen your body and improve your flexibility.
  2. Once you have learnt the basics, you can start using some of the movements when you go clubbing. You will be the star of the dance floor!
  3. A Cardio Strip workout will give you a toned and more flexible body.
  4. Being at ease with your body and its natural rhythm, will help you feel sexier and happier with your body shape.
  5. Learning to dance in a sensual fashion will uncover the "sexy beast" hidden within you!
  6. You can not only show off your newly toned body to your partner, but you can also entertain him with a professional striptease. More than likely the workout will continue and you both will burn much more calories together.
  7. If you are ever out of work and in the rough, at least you will have a skill to draw on for some quick money while having fun!

Carmen Electra's Workout

Carmen Electra's Full 54min. work out

Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease

Carmen Electra, a former ‘Baywatch’ babe, features in a whole series of aerobic striptease that you can buy on DVD and practice at home. From being filmed in front of a bed, to being filmed in the famous Studio 54. She aims to help you feel sexy and have fun while working out. Most of her routines condition and strengthen the body targeting hips, thighs, bottom and abs.

Like Carmen says: "it’s the type of workout that isn’t boring, you learn dance moves, how to strip-tease and how to give a lap dance. So you never get bored doing it”.

Where can you do it?

If you live in America, you are in luck. They have probably the most fitness clubs that offer this type of workout.

In the UK, the Goddess School of Pole dancing offers classes starting from 90£ for six weeks. Their emphasis is on helping you love your curves and maximise your assets through pole dancing skills. It is a very relaxed, fun approach. For the advanced levels they include Pilates in the pole dance routine to help strengthen the muscles of the back, the abdomen and the pelvic floor. The addition of Pilates also emphasises proper breathing to help control your movements during the exercises. Remember that proper breathing and muscle control helps also in your sex life.

For those who like me, live in a small town and do not fancy meeting their neighbours while pole dancing, you can always buy a video or DVD or even try a session online.

Sheila Kelly's S factor

Kelly is one of the trainers who have introduced her own workout called the S factor to Hollywood stars. She has a studio in LA where she encourages her students to wear whatever makes them feel sexy. Kelly focuses on really slow and sensual routines. Among her students, Kelly counts women who had breast cancer. For them the workout helps them not only physically but also psychologically to regain their femininity.

Sheila Kelley's S Factor pole dance in Hollywood

Who can do it?

It is supposed to be for anyone; men and women of all ages. Although some schools like the Goddess School of Pole Dancing are only women orientated. Usually routines start with slow, rounded warm ups; back stretches and spine circling then advance to more strenuous movements.

Does it work?

The workout claims to burn 400 to 500 calories, per hour, for a 135-pound woman. After all... how many top overweight strippers have you seen? Then... I would say, it works!

An added benefit to practising cardio striptease is that even if you DO NOT lose all the weight you expected or if you didn't achieve the shape you always dreamt of... You will feel more confident with your curves and of course sexier than ever.

Lap Dancing Instead of Running Laps? Certainly I DO prefer it!

Cardio Striptease: Feeling Good Routine

© 2008 Wendy Iturrizaga


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