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Carmen Electra Pics And More

Updated on May 2, 2012

Carmen Electra Information And More

Carmen Electra who's real name is Tara Leigh Patrick was born April 20th 1972 in Sharonville Ohio. She is a model, actress, dancer, singer and sex symbol. She is most famous for her appearances in Playboy and on Baywatch.

Carmen was born in Cincinatti Ohio. She lost her mother to a brain tumor in 1998 and her older sister Debbie also died of a heart attack in 1998. She has Irish, German, and Cherokee ancestory.

Carmens current measurements are 36-23-35 and she currently weighs 110 pounds. She is currently engaged to her Rocker Boyfriend Rob Patterson.

Carmen Electra Photo Slideshow, Click any photo for full size photos.

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Here is a great collection of Carmen Electra Photos for everyone to enjoy. In order to view the photos full size just click the photo for the full size photo.

Did you know that Carmen Electra had a short relationship with Prince. She also has had a on again off again relationship with the Rap Artist B-Real. It was revealed on the Howard Stern Show recently that it was B-Real who purchased Carmen Electra's Breast Implants for her.

But her strangest relationship was probally her on again off again marriage/relationship with Dennis Rodman. She also had a brief affair with Tommy Lee who is the ex husband of Pamela Anderson.

On November 22 2003 Carmen Electra married Dave Navarro who is the lead guitarist for the Rock Band Jane's Addiction. The couple had a MTV Reality Show Called " Till Death Do Us Part. She divorced Dave Navarro in 2007 and it became final in August of that year. Dave says no man could ever get along with that woman. She is crazy and she knows it he says.

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Above is a great photo of Carmen Electra from when she was on Baywatch.
Above is a great photo of Carmen Electra from when she was on Baywatch.

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