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Princess Leia: A tribute to the best the Galaxy had to offer!

Updated on December 27, 2016

Today we mourn the loss of Carrie Fisher. Also known as Princess Leia from the Star Wars franchise. Unless you are living under a rock, we are sure you already know that. Although she will always be remembered as that rebel WITH a cause from a galaxy far, far away, Carrie Fisher has a string of accomplishments that transcend beyond the Star Wars universe. She was a writer, and producer. She also went to star in, Hannah and her Sisters, When Harry Met Sally, and The Burbs. She even had a recurring role, lending her voice to the animated hit, Family Guy.

She first burst onto scene in 1977, at 19 years old, starring in one of the biggest movies ever released, Star Wars A New Hope. She wasn't your traditional princess. Usually in fairy-tales or fantasies you saw the princess as either locked in a tower, or under a spell in need of rescuing. Granted, Tolken wrote strong women characters in the Lord of the Rings well before Star Wars, but nothing was really seen on the big screen quite like her. She was a solider, a lady, a mechanic, and a general. She showed a young generation of girls that women could be in the trenches, fighting when needed instead of watching from afar.

Granted her character was captured a few times, but they balanced it out by having some of the male characters in trouble as well. In the end you weren't seeing the brave knights rescuing the damsel in distress, you were seeing friends helping friends. People coming to the aid of other people. Leia saved Luke, and Han just as much as they saved her. In A New Hope, after Leia is freed from her cell, Luke and Han get themselves cornered, and it is Princess Leia who takes the initiative to come up with an escape route. "Some one has to save our skins," she says leaving the two men speechless.

Princess Leia was also a Skywalker, and never once was she ever tempted by the Darkside. She always knew what was right, and she always knew what had to be done. Despite seeing the destruction of her home planet, and having her Ex-lover murdered by her only son, Leia remained a pillar of strength.

Carrie Fisher also struggled with mental illness, and drug abuse. She was even in the spotlight at a young age being the daughter of Eddie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds. She overcame her substance abuse, and went public with it being an advocate for people who were, or are, bi-polar. She has been through a lot, but even after all of that she was always in good spirits. She loved her beloved fans, and she was the life of the party to those who knew her or met her, joking, and dancing whether it was on a convention stage or the red carpet. Her spirit lives on, immortalized as the spunky princess/general from Star Wars. Even if you don't like those movies you know who she is. The franchise will carry her memory on for years to come. May the Force be with her family, friends, and legions of fans.


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