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Casting a SPELL on you

Updated on September 26, 2012

They Put A SPELL On Me

They Put A SPELL On Me

SPELL is a music group that consist of multidimensional performers. Each one of them has their role in performing that makes the whole group magic. A person can't walk in the same room as this group without the SPELL being cast on them. Introducing the group starting with the lead singer are Tracy Stover- Austin, Lead Guitar Wil Jones, Bass Guitar Quinn Stover, and Drums Ray Miller.

Tracy is a songstress that surpasses what one would refer to as a diva. She has a natural gift that birds hide their songs to sit and admire her music. She has blessed many ears with her vocals, which amazes one that the notes hit are even possible. Though she is blessed with the gift of song, she blesses each of her fans by sharing this gift. Tracy doesn't only love singing and music but she has a natural love for her fans. They reciprocate her love in full.

Wil is the lead guitarist. His talents are unmatched by many. Formerly with other bands, his experience is very impressive. He enjoys interacting with the audience when he has a guitar solo. Working on the music, he stays very busy but always has time to give a lesson those that truly want to learn the craft of guitar playing. Though a quiet man, he has much love for his fans. They reciprocate the love for him as well.

Quinn is the bass player. Blessed to be talented like his younger sister, he plays to her singing. His talents and experience make him a perfect match as part of the band. The bass player helps in assisting in bringing harmonies to the band. He known to some as “the nicest person I ever met”. (anonymous, 2012) He brings a compliment and unique flavor of more than friends being the older brother of Tracy, the lead singer. Yet, family wasn't his foot in the door, it was pure skill and talent that welcomed him into SPELL.

Ray is the drummer. When the crowd gets louder his beats get rawer. Talent like his is not only blessed with option of playing with SPELL. He also is in music ministry in a church band. Though shy, he is loud and people feel him carry the beat of the music tying everything together. This muli- talented musician adds great harmony to the band. Though he may not talk a great deal, it is the silent man that makes the biggest noise.

SPELL has a concert every Halloween. The fans will drive hundreds of miles to see them play. They have played in Texas and Oklahoma and never without a crowd. The thing about SPELL is that they play for the passion and love to play. They take care of their fans by doing their best not to allow cover charges. This Halloween the show is being performed at Brewskies. Bring your costume and fun. BUT BE FOREWARNED, THEY WILL CAST A SPELL OF BEAUTY AND MUSIC TO YOUR EARS. It was even sweeten with the dessert first The JUJU Beans will be sharing the show.

JRC 09/26/2012


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