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Elusive Cat Burglar Finally Caught!

Updated on May 19, 2011

Don't Shoot !! I Surrender!!

Home Invasion Perpetrator Trapped by Vigilant Homeowner!

NEWS FLASH - A cunning, masterful burglar that has been breaking into homes in the area for months finally met his demise. Reports have been made stating that this master thief has been able to get into homes with little or no trouble whatsoever. No fingerprints or evidence has been left behind in any of the burglarized homes. Interviews with the homeowners of burglarized homes have sworn that all doors and windows have been locked or secured and there was no possible way anyone could get inside without the occupants knowing.

Investigators have been baffled for months, even authorizing stake outs in the neighborhoods that have had the highest percentage of break-ins. Police state that they have seen no suspicious people in these areas and are at a loss to explain how the burglar has eluded police for so long. More patrols have been added making the police presence highly visible, but there has been no reduction in crime and the break ins continue.

One resident recently interviewed said he has sat up in a chair several nights in a row when the homes on either side of them had been hit by the cunning thief. Armed with a shotgun and a 9mm Glock, he was sure the burglar would hit him soon. "Let him come," the homeowner said, "I have a very special surprise for him." Confident of his ability to stop this thief, he waited almost a week. Mysteriously, his home was hit...the burglar had come. In a later interview, the homeowner said, scratching his head, "I stayed up all night, did not fall asleep and somehow this guy got past me. I didn't hear a thing and when sunrise came, noticed a few things were missing and some dog food on the floor by the dish." All doors and window were locked...I have no clue as to how he got in!"

Well, today, the thief was caught in a bathroom in his latest victim's home. Police were called and arrested the troublesome thief. In a later interview, the suspect denied everything and asked for an attorney. Searches of the thief's residence turned up much of the stolen merchandise, numerous towels, clothing, pet toys, and an odd assortment of stuffed animals, mainly mice and such. When asked by police how he had gained entrance to the homes, again, the burglar said nothing as he was advised by his attorney not to answer, but investigators noticed a lot of dryer lint clinging to his fur!!!

Rest easily tonight citizens!


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