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Celebrating The Uncelebrated - [MILINDA LEE TAYLOR] by SUNNY ACHE

Updated on September 2, 2016


She is the mother of two grown daughters – Desiree, 26 and Dominique 24 – her youngest dreaming of becoming a professional model. Dominique was actually staging her first big gig in Los Angeles when we caught up with her mother for this interview.

Many women with daughters in their 20s spend their time babysitting their grandchildren, with signs of maternal stress showing on their faces. But Milinda is still a touch of class adorned with artsy pizzazz with a splash of trend followed by a dash of sexy. With her fresh face, perfectly-styled hair and choice of clothes that fit her from top to bottom, this woman’s appearance would woo any man.

Daughter #1 - Desiree with her husband, Justin Anderson. [Photo by Ray Gosha]
Daughter #1 - Desiree with her husband, Justin Anderson. [Photo by Ray Gosha]
Daughter #2 - Dominique Taylor, on photoshoot set. [Photo by Ray Gosha]
Daughter #2 - Dominique Taylor, on photoshoot set. [Photo by Ray Gosha]

Milinda has a pretty fair complexion with contrasting dark hair. “Color is very important as to not wash me out,” she said. “I do not wear true earthy, warm shades, but do wear some neutrals. Black, white and cools all work very well with my skin tone,” she added as she relaxed on the couch. Her favorite color is royal purple, but she’s known to wear a lot of black, green, blue, orange and red. “I recently have fallen in love with prints, but I am picky about what type of print. I do not like traditional floral prints but do enjoy an abstract floral,” she said when asked about her approach to color matching when selecting what to wear. She also said that she likes to add an element of surprise to her outfits, which usually manifests itself in her choice of shoe or handbag.

Photo by Christopher Dunlop
Photo by Christopher Dunlop

Milinda admits she always makes sure she has a complete look from head to toe. She has collected jewelry since the age of 13 and has some very unique pieces with which she accessorizes. She never leaves the house with wrinkled clothes, always wears at least mascara and lip gloss, and her hair is always groomed and stylish, even if it’s just a cute ponytail.

Milinda usually gets voted “best dressed” or for having the most sassy outfit. “I usually am dressed up rather than dressed down,” she said. “Some may say I’m slightly over dressed for an occasion, but I’d rather be over dressed than under dressed, and I always aim for the appropriate attire for any outing or function.”

She has some classic pieces as staples, but likes to add things according to trend or current fashion. The key to being authentically her is that she never looks like a clone. She fits in stylistically, but she’s always set apart with her own style.

As for her fashion inspiration, she mentioned Gabrielle ”Coco“ Bonheur Chanel, the French fashion designer and founder of the fabulous Chanel brand. “I loved her innovative styles and bold personality that showed her creativity,” she said, the excitement in her voice confirming her adoration for the icon. “I feel her work still has a major influence over the 20th century fashion world in spite of the fact that she died in 1971.”

Talking more about herself and talents, she’s a very creative soul. “If you give me math I am one with the floor,” she giggled. “I am a creative writer, an orator, stage performer, singer and professional makeup artist.”

Below are some of her creative works.


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    • Samanta Hilmanson profile image

      Samanta 15 months ago from USA

      I like thissxxxxxx

    • Samanta Hilmanson profile image

      Samanta 15 months ago from USA

      I know you heard this a million times but I'll never get tired of telling you how beautiful you are a true Goddess...

    • Ele Hita profile image

      Elehita 15 months ago from USA

      MILINDA is truly sexy really And she is so Talented.

    • profile image

      Aziz Adebowale 15 months ago

      Nice one!!!