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Celebrities Needed to Help the Planet

Updated on February 17, 2012

View of Planet Earth


Celebrity Contact Needed

In the past five years I have been trying to reach high profile people in order to get help with creating a new organization for helping the wildlife and the planet. The foundation I want to form would help the conservation of natural habitats, wildlife and efforts to fight global warming on a worldwide basis. The plans and/or ideas I have for creating this new organization directly involve celebrities, their contacts, friends and those they have worked with that are interested. These individuals have the power to make great changes. Some famous people, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, are already known for helping to solve the problems facing the planet. Wildlife, human life and all the habitats would benefit from the foundation I want to create. Obviously, I can’t write out everything involved or this article would be more like a long report. Discussion and details are pointless unless I can first reach at least a few of the people I’ve tried to contact. Naturally, doing some of the same things that other environmental organizations work at would be part of it all. Though, there are better ways to accomplish the same tasks and this could be done faster with powerful people.

I know that some famous people would be willing to talk to me if they had only seen any of my letters over the years. Unfortunately, none of the well known people that I sent letters to have ever received them. Common people, such as myself, don’t have the resources to contact a well known person. I have tried many times. I was once told by a reporter that no one will respond unless you are an important individual or at least know someone who is. I guess he was right. I have had no success in reaching anyone. Letters sent to publicists, agents or managers at agencies are not forwarded to their clients from commoners. The only reason I’ve kept trying is because this is so important and affects the entire planet.

Leonardo DiCaprio

There was once coexistence between humans and nature. We need that now more than anything else. The human and natural worlds need each other to survive. However, pollution, global warming and the destruction of natural habitats are wiping out the planet at an alarming rate. I know how bad things are since I am someone who is close to nature and the wildlife. Time for the Earth and the species on it is quickly running out. This is why I want to create a new organization that will help on a worldwide basis. This group would have well known people supporting its efforts in different countries. However, I need help from those I am trying to reach in order to make this foundation a reality. A famous, connected or important person can do more in one day than a group of regular people can accomplish in several years.

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Any progress made by various groups over the years is not enough and they take too long to accomplish anything. Also, a lot of the money they collect is not used for its intended purpose and there is not enough time left to depend on them. We need to do something now before there is little to nothing left of the planet. In my current situation, sending letters, emails or faxes is all I can do. I would have gone to California years ago and made contacts then if I was ever able to escape this town. I am very attached to the natural world but I never had the chance to leave this place in order to explore the habitats or save anything . However, I have been a member of groups like the NWF for a long time.
It is now 2012 and I am trying one last time to do something that will help the planet and all life on it to survive in the future. As you know, the world is in desperate need of help and the time for talk is over. What I want to create would make a big difference. If I could reach even one of the celebrities that I have tried to contact then they could get in touch with others they know who would be interested in helping. However, I will never be able to reach anyone without help. It is hard enough just trying to get a message to anyone important. At this point there is nothing else I can do. So, I am now asking for help from anyone out there who is or has contact with a famous, important or well known person. Hopefully, someone reading this article who can help with contact will send me a message. You can send me an email through Yahoo at or use the contact form on my nature website Caveman’s Nature Site if needed.


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