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Celebrity Apprentice -- Australian Gold Task

Updated on April 11, 2011

This Was Just So Wrong

This week's task is to build a box and display Australian Gold tan products. Mark takes on the task of project manager for Backbone and Latoya is project manager for ASAP.

The men think ASAP will use Hope, the Playmate of the Year, as a model in their display. They decide on a pirate motif, which Gary thinks is a bad idea.

Latoya as project manager is a living nightmare for her teammates. She gives everyone tasks to do but herself. She turns down Hope's suggestion that she pose in a bikini and instead sends her to get stuff for her.

Nene rags on her for not taking on any task herself, while Marlee rags on her for not being able to decide on a theme. And Starr says Latoya not coming up with ideas or giving any directions. In short, she stinks as a project manager.

The AG execs come to see the women, first. Latoya thinks fun should be the focus. Of course, she seems to have no real idea how to do that.

The AG execs tell the men they want to feature Australia in the ad. Gary being Gary tells a female exec their product makes him feel aroused, which makes all the men cringe in embarrassment.

John also has reservations about the pirate them. But when the AG execs mention the word treasure, Mark thinks it's a sign the pirate thing is the way to go.

Lil Jon is put on Gary duty to keep him out of the way so he doesn't cause anymore trouble.

Latoya has decided on a gold motif. Nene has objections and can't see what the concept is. She says Latoya doesn't really have an idea. I have to agree. Starr tries to tell Latoya what she wants is beyond their budget. Latoya just aint getting it. The terms too much money and not enough money do not compute with her. Latoya claims the girls aren't giving her their all because they want to get rid of her.

Mark wants to give their cube a real pirate feel with the Australian Gold tan products inside it like they're in a treasure chest.

Marlee is getting frustrated because she doesn't even know what they're supposed to be doing, because Latoya hasn't told them. She also can't seem to tell the men hired to build the cube what they're supposed to be doing, either. Nene rightly declares this chick doesn't know what the heck she's doing. Marlee gets a koala costume, because the koala is Australian Gold's mascot and execs said they wanted it. Nene will be wearing it in display.

Gary is driving Lil Jon crazy as they go get props.

Ivanka drops by the men's team and John comes up with a pirate chant the men chant to her about Australian Gold. When Ivanka drops by she says the woman's concept is safe. Because of that, at the tenth hour Latoya decides to add a winter scene to contrast with the summer scene. Latoya bad mouths Starr saying she knows how to cover herself so nothing lands on her and she doesn't get blamed when they lose a task.

Women think Latoya is nuts when she orders them to get her 125 bags of 50 pound sand, which totals up to 600,000 pounds. Nene wonder just how she came up with that number.

Mark is concerned about their marketing strategy and what Gary will do during their presentation. However, the men have a good time beating up a box to make it look old and weathered.

Latoya tells the women as the last moment they have to build their box. Women have no clue what they'll be doing tomorrow. Nene is worried their going to look stupid. Latoya vows she'll make this task work because the girls want her to fail.

When Don Jr. drops by to see their display, he thinks they did a pretty good job. Latoya whines there's no togetherness. Nene tells Don Latoya stinks as project manager and doubts they'll win. Latoya whines that she feels ostracized.

Don Jr. drops by men's display, saying it's an original idea, but may not be what the execs want.

The AG execs visit the women's display and Starr thinks they were pleased. When they go to visit the men's display disaster strikes in the form of Gary. He corners the execs and seems to be trying to pitch himself as spokesperson for their product. Men move to get Gary away from them, but he deflects their attempts. Mark ticked off Gary trying to take over. They finally get Gary away from the execs, but Mark wonders if they were able to do it in time.

Execs tells The Donald that while they liked the men's jingle they didn't incorporate the Gold Life, so basically they could have been hawking any product with their display. They liked that the women used their mascot in their display, but didn't like that Hope wasn't wearing a bikini in the display.

In the boardroom, Nene doesn't keep it a secret just what she thought of Latoya's performance as project manager. Latoya says Nene is against her. Marlee puts it in nicer terms that Latoya stunk as project manager. Latoya makes excuses on why she didn't want to use Hope as a model in the display.

Mark says if their team lost, he's willing to go home, since it was his idea.

The first travesty of the night comes when the women win the challenge. The men's was better, even if they didn't use the AG mascot in their display.

The women head back to their suite, where Nene lets Latoya have it with both barrels, letting her know what she really thinks of her. She says Latoya isn't the reason they won, and she's right. If Marlee hadn't thought to get the koala costumer and Nene hadn't worn it, they wouldn't have won, and that was Marlee's idea, not Latoya's. She really had no ideas.

Nene continues going for her throat, declaring the only reason Latoya has ever gotten anywhere in life is because her last name is Jackson. To stop talking like a baby and act her age, which is 50.

The Loaf speaks up and puts the blame on Gary for the loss. He brings up Gary hogging up the execs time and trying to promote himself as pitchman for the AG product. He also mentions Gary's inappropriate sexual remark to a female AG exec. Gary denies it all, but the man all back each other up. Meatloaf declares that Gary is a liability to them. John says Gary is only focused when he's in the boardroom. Mark now thinks it was Gary that cost them the win, so he no longer wants to take one for the team. No surprise he brings Gary back in.

Don Jr. and Ivanka think Gary is the weakest link. The second travesty of the night comes when The Donald holds Mark to his earlier statement that if they lost he would willingly quit and fires Mark.

This was just so wrong on so many levels. That Latoya will get money for her charity is sickening when she did nothing to win. She was one of the worst project managers on this show. She only won because the other women knew what they were doing. So a good project manager with creative ideas gets fired, while a no-talent project manager with no creative ideas gets to stay. This was just so wrong.


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    • amahubber profile image

      amahubber 7 years ago from Egypt

      This is very nice!

    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 7 years ago

      wow I was hoping the fire gary,hes lost all track of reality. Latoya wasnt that bad she just didnt have structure, the worst player by far is nene leeks!!!