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Celebrity Apprentice -- Omaha Steak Task

Updated on April 18, 2011

Sink or Swim Time For Gary

Women are thrilled Gary survives the boardroom, while the men are not happy campers. John even tells Gary he thinks he's a saboteur. That he's putting on an act to get other people fired. 

Latoya has cameras follow her as she gives AIDS Project L.A. three checks totaling 65,000. While watching I asked myself if this is the first time a celeb is shown giving their money to charity. I'm kind of at one with Nene when she goes off on Latoya. It's really starting to bother me the way she's using her dead brother to get in the limelight. When he was alive, she betrayed him by saying she thought the molestation charges were true. Now she's all about living her life dedicated to the memory of MJ and everything she does is for MJ. To bad you didn't do that when he was alive. 

Two execs from Omaha Steaks want the celebs to prepare three of their steaks in a live demonstration and put together a variety pack. 

Gary and Hope are project managers. I think the men are praying this will finally free them from Gary when he crashes and burns. The Donald, however, is still making excuses for Gary. Wonder how pro-Gary he'd be if he actually had to work with him?

The task doesn't start out good for Backbone when Gary gives The Loaf the task of cooking all the steaks and he can't cook. Then Gary goes off on a tangent about a kite. John prays Gary will forget about the kite. When the execs drop by Gary asks questions that tells them nothing about what Omaha Steak wants. At one point in the conversation suspended animation comes up.

Over at ASAP, Starr, per usual, is taking over like she's project manager. When the Omaha Steaks execs drop by, the women ask good questions about what they want. They want three meals made for specific occasions.

Gary is making no sense as the men try to brainstorm on how to do the task, since aside from telling the Loaf to cook, Gary hasn't made any other decision. It's pretty obvious Gary is driving The Loaf crazy. He really looks like he's at the end of his rope. Gary takes a time-out, leaving the men alone. Most of the men want to let Gary sink, since they're so tired of having to work around him. When The Loaf and Lil Jon try to come up with a way to go off and get some breathing space from Gary, John sabotages it by saying they should all go. Later, he says no one had better leave him alone with Gary.

The women arrive at their kitchen. Latoya claims she doesn't know how to cook because they grew-up having someone cook for them. To that, I say, weren't The Jacksons poor until The Jackson Five gained some success? So how could they have servants working for them when she was a kid. She also starts singing the same song about the women are trying to sabotage her.

Hope says she gave Latoya the least amount of work to do because she's their weakest link.

Nene makes fun of what Latoya will say in the boardroom in her twelve year old voice. I couldn't help laughing, because I thought she was dead-on target.

When the men arrive, The Loaf has to try and explain to Gary that Omaha Steak don't make flavored meat. Gary really doesn't get it. Gary says his team mates don't believe in him as a strong player. Guess what, Gar, neither do I.

Nene can't believe it that Latoya doesn't even know how to fry a hamburger.

Meatloaf can't believe that no one is helping him doing the cooking. Loaf ticked off at Lil Jon because Gary has given him no task and he's just sitting around doing nothing.

Starr creating graphics to put on aprons to give away to audience members.

Ivanka arrives and the Loaf says he has no idea what they're doing. Lil Jon begs her to take him with her. 

Nene gets ticked off when Starr sends her and Marlee on errands, when they need to rehearse their part of the presentation, since Nene is the only one that's cooking anything live. She says Starr does nothing but graphics so she can keep herself safe.

Don Jr. says Starr always seems to be telling what everyone is doing, but if she's directing things and they lose, she'll be held accountable for it.

Gary finally gives Lil Jon a task. He has him cutting out little squares of paper, so they can put numbers on it, and pick audience members who will eat the three meals they prepare. He also asks Lil John to help him put black tissue paper in a box. Lil Jon wonders how a grown man can't put tissue paper in a box by himself.

John's still riding high on his conspiracy theory. He thinks Gary's causing distractions to get someone fired. When Gary asks him to check the menu, John makes Gary sign off on it. He intends protecting his back, so Gary can't blame him if something goes wrong.

Starr sends Nene and Marlee on an extra errand, further preventing them from rehearsing.

John has something new to obsess over. He's ticked off Gary addressed him as boy. Good thing he didn't do that with Lil Jon. He claims Gary goes after his team members when cameras aren't on.

Latoya sets her burger on fire while she's cooking it. Nene is standing right next to her cooking her lobster tail when it happens. Nene saying Latoya was trying to pull a MJ on her. Then mocks Latoya in a baby voice, "My goodness, I poured the oil."

Latoya's baby voice is also getting on Hope's nerves. She keeps telling her to speak louder. Says if Latoya keeps baby-talking someone is going to end up hitting her. Hope also finds Nene frustrating during rehearsal.

The Loaf is upset that he's so unprepared and wasn't allowed a chance to rehearse. That when he does something he always likes to be prepared for it. There's a problem with the menu, and John feels Gary is trying to pin it on him. Then he calls Gary on calling him boy. John is so affronted he won't accept Gary's apology.

The women do their demonstration. Hope doesn't think Latoya spoke loud enough. Good thing they had Latoya cook the burger before the demonstration. If she'd done it live, they might have had to call 911. Execs don't like that Nene addresses their product as Omaha and not Omaha Steak. Nene thinks Latoya and Starr should have cooked live like she had to. Hope thinks Gary will be hard to beat. She don't know him very well, do she?

John feels Gary has put the team in a bad position. Meatloaf cooks all the meat while Gary plays host. You don't suppose Gary made Meatloaf cook all the meat because his name is Meatloaf, do you? John's wish isn't granted when Gary brings up the kite during the demonstration. The execs like the Loaf, saying he's a good cook, and say they wouldn't mind him being the spokesperson for their product.

The execs report back to The Donald. The Loaf praised, while Nene dissed for just calling their product Omaha. Execs didn't like how Gary dragged out his stories to the length of an Edith Bunker story. Also didn't like that John and Lil Jon didn't do anything during the task. Liked that the woman all seemed like a cohesive team.

In the boardroom, Gary thinks he was a good project manager, but his team doesn't agree. Loaf says he likes Gary, but he was frustrated he had to be the only chef. He's so frustrated he can't even string a coherent sentence together as he stutters unable to speak. John labels Gary a catastrophic collapse of time management. Gary disagrees, while the Loaf agrees. Gary tries to pin no rehearsal time on the Loaf. The Loaf points out all the errors in the menu. Loaf credits John for the presentation. The Donald makes Gary give his Father Day meal presentation for them. The Donald doesn't know what the heck Gary is saying, while the women can barely restrain their laughter. Lil Jon says Gary isn't always on Earth and for the last two days he was orbiting outer space. Lil Jon also annoyed he was giving nothing but paper to cut up like he was a little kid.

Hope won't say who was a weak team member. Hope says everyone respected her. Don't think I'd say that when Starr was trying to take over at the beginning and Hope thinks of Latoya the way the men think of Gary. 

The Donald declares that while the women's team is flourishing after all the early disharmony, the men's team is self-destructing. The women's team isn't as harmonious as they claim. They're just smart enough not to show it in the boardroom.

The women win. The women celebrate minus Nene, who feels The Donald is trying to label her as a troublemaker. 

Loaf not surprised they lost, because there was no organization. He's so frustrated he starts stuttering again not able to come up with what he wants to say. John brings up Gary calling him boy, and Gary claims John misheard, he called ca'boy. Maybe that's supposed to stand for cowboy. It doesn't wash. Gary refuses to bring two people back for elimination and The Donald tells the Loaf he's going to make his day by firing The Gary.

The men hide in the boardroom so they won't have to say goodbye to Gary. Real grown-up, guys! Considering the men only have three members, wonder if The Donald will send a few of the women over to the men's team to balance things out. Wouldn't it be ironic if just as they get rid of Gary, they got the female version of Gary, Latoya?


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    • Carolyn2008 profile image

      Carolyn Gibson 6 years ago from Boston

      Excellent and accurate rendition of what happened?

    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 6 years ago

      nene is worse then latoya, alls she does is talk! I though it was funny when they showed the preview of nene and star yelling at each other and lotoya going thats right. The look on nenes face was priceless.