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Celebrity Apprentice -- You Gotta Have Art

Updated on April 3, 2011

The Women Aren't That Generous

In the aftermath of Dastardly Dionne being sent home, The Donald calls ASAP and Backbone back into the boardroom to question Nene about the parting shots she got from her. The big D didn't ask Nene if she'd be her psychic friend, she said she was a coward, which Nene relates. If they ever do a remake of The Wizard of Oz, Dionne is a shoe-in for the role of the Wicked Witch of the West. I have no problem picturing her cackling, "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog, too."

This week's task is to create their own art, and then sell it in an art gallery. Team that raises the most wins. There's a side task of decorating baseball hats and the member that does the best wins $25,000 for their charity.

Marlee volunteers to be project manager for ASAP, while John Rich volunteers for Backbone.

The men immediately start brainstorming. Gary has an idea. John arranges for donors to come in to buy the artwork. Wants everyone else to call in favors to get donors to come and buy the art. Failure is not an option, John declares.

Meanwhile Marlee gives her team a lecture on being a team. Marlee plans to put LaToya to the test to see if she can deliver. 

Jose doesn't know if he can deliver any donors. Later, he goes tearfully to The Donald, to tell him his father has taken a turn for the worst and he has to leave. Jose believes his father is going to die. The Donald gives him $25,000 for his charity. John says family must come first, while Richard cynically wonders if it's a ploy by Jose to get off the hook, since he's brought in no donors.

The men and women go shopping for paint supplies to create their artwork. Somehow the women loses Starr in the store, and not on purpose. Meatloaf has a cow when Gary wants him to pay for his art supplies. Mark tries to get The Loaf to chill out and not go postal on Gary.

LaToya plays the MJ card, by giving her team a shirt of Michael's to raise money. She says MJ would want her to. MJ saves LaToya's bacon and her team no longer sees her as useless.

Meatloaf can't find his paints and he's convinced Gary took them. The air around his mouth turns blue as the obscenities pour out of his mouth towards Gary. Mark and Lil Jon have to hold The Loaf off to stop him from physically attacking Gary. John takes Gary out of the room and tells him to keep his distance from The Loaf until he cools down. Gary, however, reenters the room. The Loaf's stuff is found and Gary is innocent of taking his stuff. John doesn't like the bad language The Loaf used on Gary.

Still playing the MJ card, LaToya decorates her baseball cap in honor of her brother.

Nene makes some catty remarks about Starr not wanting to get her hands dirty when all of them create a painting by dipping their hand in paint and pressing it on the canvas. Nene has a point when Starr starts complaining afterwards about how she's going to get the paint off her hand.

John says The Loaf calmed down once the men started working on their artwork. Richard is worried he won't be able to contribute much because he's a Faux Celeb and doesn't have the contacts the others do, but isn't worried since John is calling in all his country pals and that should more than make up for it. Lil Jon sees the baseball hat Richard decorates and labels it as gay, which Richard is.

Marlee stressing about being able to compete with John and raise as much money as he will. Don Jr. drops by to spy on the women and sees they're down in the dumps. He tells them to get off their butts and do something instead of just waving the white flag of defeat.

Men bring their artwork to their gallery and trying to decide where to hang it. George comes to spy on them. George tells them not to be over-confident. Boy, Don Jr and George are real buzz kills. Gary shows George the baseball hat they boys have decorated in honor of Jose. John announces to his team that the hillbillies have landed, as his Nashville buds arrive to pony up the cash to help John win.

The girls are late leaving and get stuck in rush hour traffic. The men take the opportunity to go spy on how the women are doing since they've got their gallery all set up. Mark and Lil Jon shoot video of the women's empty gallery as they crow over this turn of events. The women have only two hours left to get everything set up.

Still stuck in traffic, Marlee is getting stressed, while Starr is worrying about the organization of the team.

Meatloaf apologizes to Gary, he even starts crying. Gary goes easy on him and says it's okay. However, Gary thinks the Loaf has some serious anger issues and asks if he's attended any anger management classes. The Loaf admits he has. Gary says he knows where the Loaf is coming from. 

The women arrive at their gallery with only 30 minutes to prepare. Their paintings still haven't arrived, but luckily the food and drinks have. When the clock ticks down to five minutes before time to open, the paintings finally arrive, and the women hustle to get them hung and organized before opening their doors. 

The men open their doors and there's a long line waiting outside to enter. The women have a smaller crowd waiting to enter. Trace Atkins sends a $5,000 donation. He's overseas entertaining the troops. With the exception of Richard, the men are raking in the dough right and left. Then things start picking up for the ladies.

Nene is still anti-Starr and making cracks that all Starr is doing is spending time on the computer. Starr is processing credit card orders.

Richard finally sells his paintings, and Colin, a child from St. Judes, who is battling cancer, drops by the men's gallery. John says he brings it home what they're doing this for. The men take a picture with Colin.

 Federico Castelluccio from the Sopranos is brought in by The Donald to be the judge of which baseball hat was decorated the best. 

Marlee gets three donations for $99,000 a piece, while John gets a donation for $470,000 for his guitar. One of those $99,000 donations was for the MJ shirt. 

John feels they did what they came for to do and he won't be disappointed even if they lose.

In the boardroom, The Donald questions The Loaf about what went down between him and Gary. The Loaf cops to it being completely inappropriate behavior. The Donald wants to know what project manager John did to defuse the volatile situation and John says to remind them of why they were there. Mark seemed to suggest that Gary has a tendency to get under people's skin.

Marlee says she was impressed with her team, and Starr says she was impressed with Marlee. The Donald questions LaToya on what she did for the art, and she, of course, brings up MJ's t-shirt. Then The Donald tells her Federico voted her MJ decorated baseball hat as the best.

The Donald says this is the most money anyone has ever raised on The Apprentice and wants both teams to agree that no matter who wins, each team gets to keep the money they made for their charity. They agree and The Donald reveals that the women won by a rather larger margin. 

However, when The Donald asks the women if they'd agree to no one on the men's team being fired, since Jose left, they're not so generous. They want someone fired on the men's team. The women think Richard should be fired for not bringing in any donors, while the men think Gary should go because he lacks focus. Marlee speaks up for Gary, and reiterates she thinks Richard should be fired. The Donald agrees and Richard goes home. A good thing, since he's back in jail.

Per usual, The Donald assures himself he did the right thing in firing Richard, without allowing him to say anything in his own defense.


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    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 7 years ago

      The meatloaf thing was so obviously riged. What hurt the men was they didnt do as many paintings as the women and it bit them in the :) I think star called opera and she said ok you want 500,000 thats pocket change and they won! good hub