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Lindsay Lohan VS Britney Spears | Celebrity Ass Off!

Updated on November 13, 2010

Let the battle begin!

A nice start from Lindsay...
A nice start from Lindsay...

Butt wait!

Britney isn't one to let a butt showing opportunity go to waste...
Britney isn't one to let a butt showing opportunity go to waste...

The battles are really heating up now, and I think it's time we tackled a very serious ass off indeed. Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are both Hollywood Brats gone way off the rails. One has a mess of DUI's and possession charges, the other, well the other shaved her head and continues to flash her genitals to the world. But lets get to the bottom of the issue. The buck stops at the butt here. Who has the nicest ass? Do you like Lindsay Lohan's little behind? Or are you more a fan of Britney's butt?

Lindsay Lohan is somewhat known for the cuteness of her ass, and even seen looking pissy as hell at the world, it's hard to ignore the derrière she's sporting in those pants (just check out the pic below to see what I mean). Her cute bottom is just one of the many reasons Lindsay has made it so far in show business, and kept her in the headlines in spite of the fact that acting-wise, she hasn't really had a major success since that Parent Trap movie.

Britney on the other hand is adopting a more 'show all' approach as befits her general approach to life these days. For some reason best known to herself, Miss Spears seems utterly unable to select clothing that covers her butt. Of course she regularly fails to wear any form of undergarmentry, so almost any day is a good day to catch a glimpse of Britney's prominently displayed bottom. Britney's butt baring antics have been mostly ignored, probably due to the fact that she has spent an even greater amount of time displaying to the world at large what dwells between her legs. (Hint for those who have been out of the popular media loop for the past year or so, it's not a village of troll people.)

Of course, Britney is a mom of two, and all that childbirth and partying has taken its toll on her figure. These butt shots are not without their fair share of cellulite, and while it is an affliction that many, many women suffer from, its certainly not something that most women display prominently. Perhaps Britney is a pioneer in this sense, no matter how far she lets herself go, she'll keep on displaying her butt and breasts until the day she dies. God I hope not, but the possibility is very much there. The whole world is a nudist beach for Britney, and she's going to take advantage of it dammit.

I declare the winner Britney Spears, but only because the poor girl really, really needs to win something.

Bending over...

Britney can do that too!

Even in rehab, Lindsay's got it...

Rehab? Britney don't need no stinkin' rehab!


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    • profile image

      wiil 7 years ago

      britney spears has a perfect body and a perfect head.

    • debugs profile image

      debugs 7 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris


    • profile image

      chevy34_00 7 years ago


    • profile image

      JB 7 years ago

      Hmm I think Britney has a slightly nicer ass then Lindsay but I still like em both.

    • profile image

      trv 7 years ago

      she's fat bcoz she got pregnant!!!

    • Person Helper profile image

      Person Helper 7 years ago from Ireland

      'but wait' lol funny!

    • profile image

      lol 10 years ago

      britney is fat, lindsay is hot