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'Celebrity Big Brother': Tamar Braxton Displays Black Church Traditions on the Show

Updated on August 22, 2019
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She researches and shares remedies for using certain products for illnesses.

Tamar Braxton is the youngest of the five Braxton sisters and one brother. She and her siblings appear on the reality show Braxton Family Values along with their mother. Her sisters include Toni, Traci, Towanda, and Trina. Her only brother is Michael, Jr.

The singer and mother of a 5-year-old son is one of the five houseguests left on Celebrity Big Brother. She has had arguments with almost all of the other houseguests.

During the very first episode, she and Kandi Burruss argued over something that happened years ago that had nothing to do with the reality show. They made up after that. Other than Kandi, Tamar had arguments with Lolo Jones and Kato Kaelin. She argued with Tom Green until he was evicted from the Big Brother house.

Celebratory Dance

Tamar was so happy when Tom was evicted that she did a celebratory dance. Many viewers did not understand the dance and called it a tap dance. The celebratory or victory dance was not a tap dance at all. It was a shout or praise dance with arms swinging and head bobbing back and forth. Actually, it was a shout just like people do in some African-American churches on Sunday mornings when they praise God.

Tamar finished her dance by the front door. Then she gave Tom a quick hug and laughed as he left the house much to her delight. She later told the remaining houseguests that it was her "Hallelujah moment."

Those who do not know about the tradition perhaps didn't really understand what Tamar was doing and the statement she was making. Those who have watched her reality show with the other Braxtons might be familiar with some of the things Tamar does and says.

In her interview before going on the show, she said she was going to tone it down a bit, but she must have forgotten what she said as soon as she began her stay in the Big Brother house.

Did you recognize Tamar's dance as a shout like the ones done in traditional churches?

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Tom Green's Reaction to Tamar's Dance

After Tom was evicted last Friday night during the double eviction episode, he spoke with TV Guide about his experience while he was in the house for 24 of the 29 days of the season. He ended up making many enemies while playing the game his way. The 47-year-old Canadian comedian said there was an unexpected amount of tension in the house. He blames many of women for much of that tension and negative energy.

Tom Green, Houseguest on "Celebrity Big Brother"
Tom Green, Houseguest on "Celebrity Big Brother" | Source

The comedian was shocked by the verbal abuse he suffered at the hand of Tamar Braxton and Lolo Jones. He said that he thinks some of the houseguests will have some regrets when they go home and see how badly they behaved when they watch what happened. Tom went so far as to say he thinks some of them will apologize to him for their behavior. The Canadian said he would accept their apology if they do apologize, but it would be fine if they don't.

TV Guide asked Tom what he thought about Tamar dancing and cheering as he was leaving the house. Tom said she was happy that he had been evicted and would no longer be in the house. He wished Tamar well as she continues to play the game.

A lot of people on social media thought it was very rude and disrespectful what Tamar did in front of Tom. They also described her action as poor sportsmanship. They added that if she felt a shout coming on, she should have waited until Tom has exited the house. If she makes it to the end, Tom will have to vote on the best player during the finale. He might remember what happened the last time he was in Tamar's presence and not vote for her.

'Won't He Do It!"

On many occasions, the 41-year-old contestant used expressions that have come out of the traditional Black church. The one she used most often has been "Won't he do it!" It is what preachers say in churches when they give God the glory for something He has done for them. It sounds like a question, but it is not really a question after all. Rather, it is an exclamation.

A story is told of a visitor who heard the expression in a predominantly Black church. When she heard it the first time, she thought she had missed something. When she kept hearing the preacher say it, she wrote a note to her friend sitting next to her and asked, “Won’t who do what?”

For those who are clueless about the meaning, the "He" in the exclamation is a reference to God. Unless people regularly visit a traditional Black church, they might not have known what Tamar was talking about.

Do you know what Tamar meant when she said on more than one occasion, "Won't He do it!"?

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On other occasions, especially on the Live Feeds, Tamar has sprinkled other church jargon and biblical allusions in her conversations. Unless you are familiar with those traditions that are exclusive or dominant in churches where African-American attend, you might not have known what's behind Tamar's antics.

The African-American Lectionary shares that there are some traits and expressions that are heard in most traditional Black churches and not in other churches.


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