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Celebrity gossip business

Updated on April 22, 2011
Star Magazine Poll
Star Magazine Poll

Celebrity gossip, paparazzi photos, dirt on celebrities - you either love it or hate it.

Apparently, there are many people getting rich on taking photos, reporting the gossip to magazines and websites, and this industry is only growing richer.

Here is some insightful information on the "interesting" celebrity gossip business.

Star Magazine

Star Magazine is not only a magazine, but a website as well. Started in 1974, Star Magazine was originally a supermarket tabloid printed on newsprint; however in 2004, Star switched to a traditional magazine format, similar to the style of Us Weekly and In Touch Weekly. The magazine is now earlier to hold and read, travel with, and ‘seems' to be more credible than the Enquirer.

On their website, they have polls to keep viewers engaged, such as:

  • "Matthew McConaughey has joked that he wants to name his son after a beer. Do you think he should?"

(I think it would be cool to name a child Guinness, as it is *very* original.)


US Weekly

By far, this is my favorite celebrity magazine. As of 2007, its circulation is over 1.85 million subscribers, and is frequenty referenced on TV celebrity shows, such as "Entertainment Tonight".

Their website, was launched in the Fall of 2006 and currently gets approximately two million unique visitors per month!

Entertainment Tonight

This long running show features fantastic looking people reporting on celebrity misfortunes, and sometimes report on positive things celebrities do.

If you are wondering who got arrested for DWI, went to jail recently for any other reason, who is getting married, divorced, what new movies are out, then this show if for you!

Perez Hilton - Self-Proclamed Celebrity Blogger

A relatively newcomer to the celebrity gossip business, Perez (real name Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.) makes a living off of adding his photoshopped remarks on celebrity pictures, and his spin on recent celebrity news. If he likes a celebrity, then his comments are positive. If he does not like you (Avril Lavigne), then beware - you will be ridiculed and constantly criticized. As of 2011, he is "trying" to be "nicer" to celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston.

He is also homosexual and frequently adds hearts and sexual messages to a hot guy's picture.

Source: Celebrity: John Mayer
Source: Celebrity: John Mayer

Take Aways

So if you interested in finding gossip and juicy stories on your favorite stars, then there are a plethora of sources out there. The rumor and gossip mill has turned into a big business, and more profitable than anyone could ever imagine.

Now, if I only lived in Los Angeles and had a great telephoto lens camera!


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