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Celebrity Self Esteem Tricks

Updated on October 13, 2009

Maybe you've noticed by now that most celebrities don't seem to have many problems when it comes to self esteem. Lots of normal people do though. Normal people have such silly normal problems and normal lives. What they need is to be more like the celebrities that they read about tirelessly. Read and learn from the lessons that the celebrities teach us, and maybe, one day, you will feel as good about yourself as they appear to feel about themselves.

Paris Hilton - Narcissism Is So Hot Right Now

If you're feeling a bit down, why not decorate your entire house with massive pictures of yourself?It's what Paris does, and that is one girl who will never suffer from low self esteem. If you only loved yourself a fraction of the amount that Paris does, why, you could probably achieve all sorts of things that right now only seem like far off dreams. Believe in yourself, to excess if at all possible.

Heidi Montag - Get A Boob Job

Heidi felt bad about herself and had low self esteem because her breasts were too Maybe your breasts are too small. Maybe that's been your problem the whole time. Perhaps your parents lied to you and told you that it's what is on the inside that mattered. Let that be a lesson to you never to listen to what your loved ones say. You want to pay attention to the shallow people in your life,the ones who can really tell you what you should be doing, and how you too could be prettier. At the end of the day though, nothing guarantees high self esteem like plastic surgery.

Holly Madison - Join A Harem

If you feel like you need a little validation, why not join the harem of a rich old womanizing geriatric? After all, millions of girls are envying your position, right? As part of the harem you get to split what have to be less than pleasant sexual duties with other girls, and the only talent that's really required is the willingness to let yourself be transformed into a real life Barbie through the magic of cosmetic surgery.

Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse - Get On The Drugs

Drugs are terrible for you, they destroy your life, make holes in your brain and your body, destroy your cognitive abilities, and cause you to partake in activities that you might not otherwise involve yourself in. However if there is an upside to drugs, its the self esteem boost you get when you're really high. Just look at how well Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse are doing.


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