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Outrageous and Ridiculous Celebrity Spending and Shopping Sprees

Updated on November 24, 2009

I am always surprised by some of the things outrageously rich celebrities spend their money on. So I thought this would be an interesting subject, I doubt it will be thought provoking (it might be more of a rambling rant), maybe it will be entertaining, but I think it’s definitely mind blowing.

I don’t want to sound bias. Sure, I have a few prized purses and shoes. But of the few I own, I use them often enough to justify its purchase. I like owning nice things, in moderation. Now, different people may have different ideas of what moderation is. My example of moderation is that I may spend a couple hundred dollars on a purse, but probably not a thousand dollars and absolutely not anything worth more than an average person’s home. I’ve paid for the occasional massage here and there. And when a special occasion warrants it, I’ll go out and enjoy fine food at a nice restaurant.

However, nice doesn’t always have to be associated with price. Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are inexpensive, but are dear none-the-less. Sentimental value. That’s what’s worth much more. The thoughts and consideration put into finding the perfect gift and then watching that person light up upon receiving it. Priceless.

Disclaimer Because I Cannot Afford To Be Sued

I suppose I should add a disclaimer of sorts first so here goes: I don’t know how true the following examples are because, no, I do not know any real celebrities or billionaires. And I was not there to witness any of this because, no, I don’t go anywhere where people in suits wait in bathrooms to dry your hands and give you breath mints.

Celebrity Children

An example of excess includes celebrity children’s overwhelming wardrobe collections. Petit Tresnor, an elite celebrity shopping source, claims that the Cruises have spent between $350-400K on Suri’s clothing. Lawyers have since sent a “cease and desist” to the store demanding that no employee release any shopping habits (whether true or false). Yea, my purses and shoes fail horribly in comparison.

But that’s not all. Katie Holmes spent $10,000 on Suri’s last birthday party. $5,000 of which went towards a cake. Yes, it was very pretty.

Is Suri Cruise's 2nd Birthday Cake Worth $5000?
Is Suri Cruise's 2nd Birthday Cake Worth $5000?

P Diddy's More Extravagent Birthday Party

Speaking of birthday parties, lets not forget P Diddy’s affairs that have been reported at $500,000 plus! But of course, a contributing factor could be that P Diddy’s personal entourage alone consists of 30. This barely puts a dent on the guest list. His affairs are a Mecca for famous celebrities.

Celebrity Real Estate

In an economy where hard working American’s are losing their homes it can be frustrating when you hear of celebrity’s ridiculously extravagant homes. Of course they can have nice homes, with pools and theatre or what not. But do celebrities really need a home that has a dozen bedrooms? In March, Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon purchased and moved into one of the most expensive mansions in Beverly Hills. The going rate for a mansion with 15 bedrooms, a pool, a spa, a track, a championship tennis court and a nine-car garage is $125 million dollars!

Diamonds and Bling

Akon loves diamonds. This can be seen by the millions of dollars worth of them draping his neck and encrusting his fingers. But, I guess just in case there is ever a shortage, in 2007 Akon went ahead and purchased an entire South African diamond mine!

Celebrity Wardrobe

For Beyonce’s performance at a BET Award show she spent a cool $100,000.. for.. gold Balenciaga leggings and a matching bra top! Can you imagine? I would never be able to get away with wearing leggings and a bra top out in public!

Beyonce's $100,000 leggings and bra. The space suit was extra.
Beyonce's $100,000 leggings and bra. The space suit was extra.


I just can’t imagine throwing away millions of dollars to have people following me around all day for the mere purpose of holding my cell phone. I can admit to being particular about my hair, I understand the need to want to look nice. Most people do. But I can’t imagine flying people halfway across the continent, or even the globe, for hundreds of thousands of dollars just to cut my hair. No siree!

I’m sure there are plenty more celebrity spending spree examples, I didn’t even cover cars and weddings. Yes, celebrities deserve nice things. They work very hard to entertain us. But I think I tried to make my point clear, celebrity’s outrageous spending habits are often out of control! And I’m finding it hard to justify that this is okay.

Do you think Suri's cake is worth $5000

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    • profile image

      Roy Via 5 years ago

      Tears are falling from the eyes of ANGELS.

      Oh think of the millions and millions spent on gifts, weddings, birthdays.

      Tears form in my eyes thinking how that money could be spent to help

      the thousand of children dying from hunger everyday...everyday...everyday.

    • profile image

      Bored 6 years ago

      You need to put things into perspective and stop bagging the rich; do you buy a coffee each morning? Is it absolutely critical that you have that coffee? No, it's not, and to a starving person, the money you spend on coffee every morning would feed them for a week. So stop whingeing about the rich as what they 'waste' their money on is comparative to what you waste yours on - it just seems excessive to you as they have millions more than you - so a rich persons 'coffee per day' could e the equivalent of a Mercedes per day. Grow up and dont complain about the rich until you can prove that you don't waste any money yourself

    • profile image

      Lean Hobbslerty 6 years ago

      I liked the hub! They spend to much money on stuff like that! Very interesting and for those people who didn't think so, grow up because its true.

    • profile image

      Derick Wagumba 6 years ago

      He who spends more than he would will not have to spend when he should. They should learn from the likes of Mike Tyson!

      Derik wagumba

    • profile image

      Otunba.BJ 8 years ago

      They spend ridiculously now and live ridiculuosly later in life. they'd better learnt from some broke celebs.

    • profile image

      Otunba.BJ 8 years ago

      They spend ridiculously now and live ridiculuosly later in life. they'd better learnt from some broke celebs.

    • profile image

      MARY 8 years ago

      Enjoying isn't a bad thing at all so long as ones sweat but I think they should set a kitty and help the less fortunate ones in their distinctive countries.

    • profile image

      Archibald 8 years ago

      I would just like to inform you that your section on "Celebrity Real Estate" is completely inaccurate. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon did NOT buy a $125 Million Dollar house. They were rumored to have looked at it and considered purchasing it but they did NOT. Instead, they purchase a home on Antelo Road in Bel Air evidenced here:

      Get your shit straight.

    • profile image

      Charles mutuku-kenya 8 years ago

      All gifts are given by God to serve humanity.To whom much is given much is expected.The way to retain it is in sharing with the suffering,alleviate pain and put a smile on someones face.

    • profile image

      wolf 8 years ago

      you know i saw tom hank on david lettermen on night & mr. hank was talking about walking his dog where he had lived for many many years and then mr letterman interrupted him asking him why didn't he live in a better n'hood. mr. hanks looked at him like he was crazy and said there was nothing wrong with his house or his neighbors and the couple had made the choice to keep their house----smart man.

      money can't buy you love, happiness or perpertual prosterity. it can only give you a chance to make it in our world.

      if you only live in the now you've forgotten that tomorrow is really a lot closer than you think.

      these stars need to realize that planning for tomorrow is sometimes as important as planning for today.

      i'll bet mr hanks has sound financial brokers and will not be getting a call from the irs or mortgage company anytime soon.

    • profile image

      Erich Jao 8 years ago

      i'd say that most of these big spenders don't look beyond this year or next. when a huge amount of money pours in, more than what is needed to live on for a year, the tendency to think it'll last prevails. this is how going broke happens.

    • profile image

      Utopia 8 years ago

      if they are so eagerly to spend their money..donate it to some poor countries, which lack water and food.

    • profile image

      Trisha 8 years ago

      I hope that all of these celebrities have good financial advisors. (Apparently not!) These glitsy stars fail to realize that they won't be in the spotlight forever. Once they're careers are over, so goes the money! They'd better have some sort of investment going to support those spending habits, or Uncle Sam is going to have a field day.

    • profile image

      juliet 8 years ago

      juliet ummmmmmmmm too much money

    • profile image

      LHathaway 8 years ago

      however much it cost, the gold outfit was worth it.

    • profile image

      romeo 8 years ago

      u cant buy happiness u will get bored spendind money on junk true happiness comes from some one elses happiness who has nothing

    • profile image

      romeo 8 years ago

      u cant buy happiness u will get bored spendind money on junk true happiness comes from some one elses happiness who has nothing

    • profile image

      Jason 8 years ago

      These people have absolutely 0 money skills. It's no wonder a great deal of them go broke once they no longer have careers. I just don't want to hear that we should bail any of them out because of these dumb purchases.

    • profile image

      PHil NYC 8 years ago

      If the stars are not arrogant and big headed about what they spend, more power to them, no problem here. And buying your own island, now that's cool

    • profile image

      Easy 8 years ago

      I mean damn!Congrats on the marriage,but a home for 125mill. you gotta be kidding me,but there not.If I where so ever lucky to make a large purchase like that,Homes are way cheaper than that! I think they bought that house just to let everyone know there the big dogs on that block,and for 125 they better be the only ones one the block

    • profile image

      muttkat 8 years ago

      What would be nice to hear: Is that some celebrity donated so much money to 20 families who were going to loose their homes. That would be a nice thing to hear.

    • profile image

      Cracker Jax 8 years ago

      Totally stupid, senseless, careless, ridiculose, ludicrous, and every other negative adjective you can think of.

    • profile image

      Luck 8 years ago

      These uneducated celebrities will soon realize that while paying a 50 million $ downpayment on a $50 million house will not mean that they are excluded from paying annual property tax, up to 2 million dollars a year. This is how recent nba star Antoine Walker went broke

    • profile image

      I guess the money .......... 8 years ago

      that they make needs to be invested, spent, and although most common people can not even imagine these extravagant

      amounts, obviously some of the stars have the means to pay

      it. As long as it circulates and keeps businesses open,

      then I'm all for it

    • EnrapturedFlame profile image

      EnrapturedFlame 8 years ago

      Hello Aya! Yes you are right, it probably doesn't mean a lot to the very rich :)

    • Aya_Hajime profile image

      Aya_Hajime 8 years ago

      Great hub! I also get more than a bit incredulous over what some spend on every day things but one of my friends reminded me that $5k to them is probably like $5 to us, or perhaps even less. So viewed in that way, that's not much at all to spend on a cake :)


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