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The Best of Jackie Chan ( a.k.a. Chaki chan) Movies List

Updated on April 30, 2011

Jackie Chan the International Action Star

If you are an action film fan then chances are you have watched and enjoyed the trademark comedy action antics of Jackie Chan. By the way his name is pronounced by some of his fans as Chaki Chan, especially if you're trying to say it real quick. 

What makes Jackie Chan one of the best and most prolific action star around?

Is it that funny expressive face?

Is it his impressive agility and death defying live stunts? 

Is it his unique blend of comedy timing and ligtning fast kungfu moves?

Here's a handpicked films list of Jackie Chan movies, with selections from his earlier Hong Kong film works, to his more recent Hollywood hits. Please enjoy.

Want to Know More About the Terrific Jackie Chan

Who better to tell us about the story of Jackie Chan than the man himself?

Instead of trying to squeeze his amazing rise to fame, I'll recommend reading about Jackie from the book he wrote himself called "I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action".

I was enthralled by the stories of his numerous brushes with death from his boundary breaking film stunts, and his attitude to life and his action film career. I hope you'll enjoy it too.  

The Frantic Playground Fight Scene from the Movie Police Story 2

Police Story 2

Jackie's Police Story film series is one of the best of Hong Kong action films. For me they are so successful because they manage to combine heart melting moments with hard hitting police drama.

For me Police Story 2 is my favorite from the series. Compared to the original film this sequel packs more of the creative stunt choreography while still weaving in those emotional scenes that's so much a part of the Police Story films.

Movie Trailer of the Shinjuku Incident Trailer

Shinjuku Incident

This is a more recent movie that's a change of pace for Jackie.

He is more of a ordinary Chinese immigrant that is forced to stand up against the feared triad gangs in Shinjuku, Japan.

In my opinion this is one of Jackie Chan most emotional & raw performance yet. 

Movie Trailer of Project A2

Project A2

In my opinion Project A2 which is a sequel to Project A is one of the iconic Hong Kong action comedy films starring our favorite Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan stars as one of the few righteous police officers against a mostly corrupt police force in league with the criminal syndicates.

He inevitably gets framed for a jewelry robbery, and fights to clear his name while battlling different groups of spies, pirates and revolutionaries.

A plus for me is that this film also stars the breathtakingly breautiful Maggie Cheung.

The Spy Next Door

With Hollywood successes like Shanghai Noon, Rush Hour and fantastic prequels here's another funny blockbuster from the international sensation that is Jackie Chan.

In the Spy Next Door, Jackie Chan is perfectly casted as the goofy protector of an endearing cute family. The film really strikes a great balance between the heart warming and funny comedic moments, interspersed with jaw dropping spills and thrills courtesy of the agile Jackie.

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    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 7 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Great review and suggestions for a great actor! I am a Jackie Chan fan and I am glad I Hopped on this Hub! Nice job. Voted Up and Useful.