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Chapman Guitars

Updated on April 19, 2017

Chapman guitars was founded in 2009 by Rob Chapman, famous for informative YouTube videos surrounding the guitar and his terrific musical skills and knowledge. The company claims to be the first to design its guitars in collaboration, creating various models with a wide range of artists and chapman loyals. These models pay tribute to a number of beloved electric guitars such as strats, teles, les pauls and others.

Chapman ML1
Chapman ML1


Early models such as the ML1 were manufactured in relatively cheap production runs. The ML1 was originally limited to 500 models until the factory supplying them offered a second bach at a discounted price, the ML2 produced 250 guitars. The idea of Chapman guitars was to offer a quality product at a low price. Some components of the instrument were of what some might call lower quality, the reason for this is that the parts that could easily be replaced by the owner would remain cheaper in order to keep the overall price down. The ML1 featured a solid mahogany Fender Stratocaster style body, a maple neck and an ebony fingerboard. The pickups were apparently sourced from a factory in the US

Chapman ML3 traditional pro series 2017
Chapman ML3 traditional pro series 2017

NAMM 2017

At NAMM 2017 Chapman guitars introduced 29 new Standard and Pro series of guitars, including new pickups, new colors, ML-1 with 3 single coil pickups and collaboratively designed ML-V. They introduced new signature models including the rabea ML3 baritone.


The ML3 is a guitar created in 2014 paying tribute to fender's famous Telecaster model, it can be found in the standard, modern and signature series of the 2017 range.

The modern features a HH pickup configuration on a carved sapele mahogany body with a recessed bolt on maple neck, and is available in Satin Black and Natural Mahogany finishes.

ML1 Norseman

The ML1 Norseman is a Special version of the ML1 which was designed by Chapman guitars and their Norwegian retailer "Evenstad Musikk". The guitar has a quilted maple top, mahagony neck, covered Chapman passive aggressive pickups and a Floyd Rose bridge.



Dorje is Rob Chapmans progressive metal band, originally created under the name "The Rob Chapman band" in 2012, they quickly changed to Dorje. The band released their first single "White Dove" on August the 6th 2015 and then the full EP "Catalyst" three months later.

The members primarily use guitars produced by Chapman guitars and gives potential buyers a preview of certain products in action.

ML1 Norseman
ML1 Norseman


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