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Character Analysis in “Edward scissor hands” Film

Updated on August 5, 2017

Tim Burton's film “Edward scissor hands” is a film that is named after the main character Edward; the film reflects on the themes of conformity in the unusual environment. The name depicts who Edward is and how his scissor hands contribute to the making of his character. Edward is made by an old inventor who designed and completed everything except his hands before his demise. In fact, confirming his capability, he says “We're not sheep” (11). This forces Edward to live with hands that play a significant role in the new suburbia community where he is moved by Peg Boggs. In the new suburbia, Edward can establish and develop his full potential through the use of his scissor hands to make sculptures, cut hair and groom pets. Edward character evolves from his participation in the community and also his love with Kim Pegg Boggs daughter (Peng, 2013).

Causality Terms

Text Interpretation/ Action and Responses of character



Edward is the protagonist of the film having been built and left by his creator before his hands were complete. Due to his hands and the passing of his inventor, Edward starts up as a lonely and alienated man from the rest of the community before he is taken to the suburbia by Peg Boggs. From his appearance in which Edward has some bruises on his face concludes that Edward is self-destructive and does not accept himself. Most of his life Edward lived in exclusion in his inventor’s house before he was taken to the suburbia by Peg. His lack of conformity in the film is again emphasized from how he dresses only in black clothes that his inventor had left him with. Despite his scissor hands and scared face, Edward is depicted as gentle because he has a gentle voice and sad eyes. His sadness is derived from his loneliness and exclusion from the community during the time he was living in his inventor’s house.

Peg shows Edward’s kindness and brings him to the suburbia to live with other families where other families can interact with him and realize how charming Edward is. Slowly, Edward can conform to the suburbia and attract admiration from the families (Siegel, 2013).


Possibility Modals

Longer Nominal Groups


Edward is perceived as different from the community which enrages him on the inside. After falling in love with Kim, Edward attracts a lot of enmity and jealousy from Jim. Despite his kindness and tenderness on the inside because of his incomplete hands, the community continues to view Edward as different and alien from the rest of them. However, after introducing Edward to love and kindness, the community is jealous and still refuses to treat him as one of them. On the contrary, his charm is confirmed by the actions of Kim to leave Jim for Edward who further increases the antagonism between Jim and Edward.. Edward is resilient from the way he handles his altercation with Jim. Despite Jim`s abusive language and actions, Edward can hold on long enough.

Unreal Condition/Hypothesis

Eventually, the pressure from Jim and the community which antagonizes him pushes Edward into a murderer. Edward is pushed away from the community even after his noble deed to save Peg`s son from being hit by a van Jim and his friend was driving. Despite running from the suburbia to his former home trouble follows him which leads to the death of Jim (BURTON’S, 2014).

Reflecting/sensing verbs

If the inventor had finished his work and created perfect hands for Edward, he would haveeasily conformed to the community and gained their acceptance.


Edward transformation is dramatic and caused by the ability of Peg to show him kindness and acceptance of whom he is. However, Edward transformation is interfered by when Jim becomes jealous of Edwards love with Kim. At the end Edward is forced to commit unintentional murder which destroys his new found peace and home.


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