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Characteristics of Aquarius Children

Updated on July 12, 2013

Raising an Aquarius child? Boy you will have your work cut out for you! Aquarius youngsters are dominated by an equivalent planet that rules electricity and cluster activities.They will be interested in everything and anything and you may find a few of them becoming preoccupied with world issues that they may even come close to solving thanks to their natural creative instincts. Reminding them that curiosity killed the cat may do no good as the need for figuring things out tends to be quite strong in children born under the sign of Aquarius. Aquarians love people and everything that is sang about in that song "Age of Aquarius," including peace, equality and justice for all. Your little toddler will be easy going, kind, interested in everything and will make tons of friends, with or without your help! Easily bored, it is a good idea to perhaps provide your little Aquarius with his or her own playroom full of magic, mystery and toddler activities such as what planets look like and what the different cloud shapes are, for instance. On the other hand, your tiny little Aquarius will also love just mingling with friends, almost from the time they are born!

Curious and Funny

These children are curious and funny. They're natural leaders not with a desire to lead, and have a natural charisma that attracts followers. They are eccentric and pride themselves on being distinctive people. Don't be shocked if your vacuum or tape machine works even more efficiently once they end up exploring the inner workings. Aquarius youngsters are very intelligent and use that intelligence to make daily adventures for themselves. This is often a kid who is content to take a seat quietly by themselves with their coloring books. Aquarian children are eager to learn, love to be a group but are okay to be by themselves as well. They will make you proud with their natural abilities to learn and their intelligence. They are creative children who can figure things out faster than other kids without really bragging about it. Interested in everything, make sure you provide your tiny little tot born under the sign of Aquarius with a myriad of things to do.

New Experiences

Aquarius youngsters are interested in diversity and new experiences. Your very little Aquarius may like uncommon foods that alternative children will not even attempt -- suppose hot peppers, sturdy cheeses, raw oysters, and therefore the like -- or he may pay hours in his area, inventing one thing technical, functional, and comprehensive unbelievable.

The hardest issue concerning parenting an Aquarius kid is knowing the means they need to have independence and do tend to go flying by the seat of their pants, however at an equivalent time they're terribly stubborn and set in their ways that. they need very little routines that they hate to break.

Following Routines

They rise at 6:00 am, shower at 6:10 am, eat breakfast at 6:35 am, organize their schoolbooks into their backpack at 6:45 am, brush their teeth at 6:50 am and be out the door at precisely 7:00 am. Watch closely and you'll notice they need these very little routines plain-woven into their day. If you teach your Aquarius kid to do a little of those routines, it would facilitate them to not have emotional feelings concerning tjese. Don't try and stop them from having their routines though; it offers them their deepest sense of security so they'll go wherever no man has gone before to explore the good unknown universe and every one of its cool little quirks.

Naturally Social

Aquarius youngsters are quite social and have tendency to have legions of friends, and therefore a lot of numerous buddies' with different backgrounds and cultures, which is good for their upbringing.

Aquarius youngsters are natural class clowns. They love creating high jinks and hanging out with friends from a lot of other signs. You'd suppose that a good method to discipline Aquarius youngsters is to ground them so they're not allowed to travel outside to play with their friends. That’s true, however you'll notice that notwithstanding you ground them to their bedrooms and forbid them to play with their toys, as well as their computers and game stations that they're going to be a lot of then happy to bury them away in their rooms reading their favorite journey stories. Since reading is therefore sensible for them, it's exhausting to require their books far away from them, however don't be shocked if they're not too depressed at the thought of going through many days alone curled with a decent book.

Pursuing their own freedom and individuality is among their primary desires, therefore being the parent of Aquarius kids, you ought to offer him many house and autonomy. If they don't seem to be allowed to specific themselves as they see work, Aquarius youngsters will become rebellious or, or else, stubborn and quietly depressed.

Books and Art

Let your kid dress himself as early as he will, and provide him many books, art provides, and alternative tools to foster his distinctive creativeness. Aquarius youngsters tend to be quite intelligent. They are naturally progressive in their thinking and their perspective on the planet, in order that they may become wonderful downside solvers.

Little Humanitarians

Your Aquarian may be a humanitarian and actually, they hate to sell out on their principles. If a coach comes across as less then humane, they're going to boycott learning from them. That teacher is just unfit of the honor of being their teacher. You’re planning to need to teach them that typically bosses, politicians, and alternative authority figures don't seem to be as intelligent as we might like them to be. The secret's is getting them to seek out the simplest way to figure inside the system while still maintaining their personal sense of dignity. Make them see that life is a game. All games have rules and challenges that may come his way.

Your Aquarius kid could surprise you along with his interests and life decisions, however if you'll keep receptive the ways that his mind works, you will find out that he is a genius in his own right. These youngsters simply would like time to seek out the most effective means of expressing their brilliance to the people around them.


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    • Baby-Boomer-58 profile image

      Alex Finn 

      4 years ago

      Yes, this describes the Aquarian in my family. Voted up.

    • prasetio30 profile image


      5 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Very informative and I love aquarium. You have brilliant idea. Thanks for writing great hub and sharing with us. Voted up :-)


    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 

      5 years ago from North Texas

      I am an aquarian, and my mother often said that I went where angels dare not tread. I thought it was just my outlook on life. Had no idea it was in the stars. Interesting hub!

    • Tom Koecke profile image

      Tom Koecke 

      5 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

      Hi elle!

      Being an Aquarian, and having a child born under Aquarius, this was a fun article to read!

      I remember being sent to my room as punishment, and then having to be called out hours later while I was still entertaining myself with my baseball cards or figuring something out. Sometimes that was worse than the punishment!

      My Aquarian daughter and I were peas in a pod. I found her to be more intellectual at three than many adults. At 29, and with two kids of her own, we don't get time to spend together, just her and me. If we could, though, we could find common ground to keep each other entertained for a week despite our differences!

      Thanks for sharing this!

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      5 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Very interesting! It's pretty amazing how close this information comes to resembling the aquarius child. I find it just fascinating. Great read. Big votes and sharing. ~ Audrey


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