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Forgetful Mad Scientists In Movies

Updated on April 20, 2014



Dr Bruce Banner

This story is told in many ways. The doctor who has very little funding for his already money-pit research puts his money in one area.

The guy uses up all the money that could have gone to multiple research projects for his own project. He is even the good guy of the movie.

Most people see him as the guy who worked his whole life to achieve something great. The scary part of the research is that it does not have many tests that succeed, if at all.

Instead, of giving up. Dr. Bruce Banner uses his medical cure on himself. This is not only selfish but it could kill him. Still, this does not matter to him. He wants to press on, no matter what happens.

What happens? He turns into a green monster that has no cure. And, this guy has tried everything to stop the green monster. The only thing that might stop the monster is if Dr. Bruce Banner died of natural causes of old age.


This is the first movie.
This is the first movie. | Source

Lex Luthor

This guy has a problem: Superman. I am not sure if Lex Luthor is a scientist in every comic he is in, but he forgets that Superman has powers to defeat him at any time.

For a minute, let's think about Lex Luthor as a doctor. He has money to be a doctor. Often, he is called a scientist in the comics. So, getting a doctor title would mean little to him to getting Superman's head on his banister.

The guy is a very smart villain. However, Superman is not very smart at all compared to Lex Luthor. But, Lex waits for Superman to figure out what is going on. I think, he might have tea parties waiting for Superman. Maybe, Superman just checks in on him.

Lex Luthor seems to focus on what Superman can do to defeat him. He seems to look for people to help him who are not very smart.

Also, he seems to forget to figure out a way to escape Superman. Instead, this guy barely cares about be caught by anyone.

Dr. Miles Bennet Dyson

This is the scientist from Terminator 2. He researched the arm of the Terminator.

Do you see anything wrong with that? Their is an robotic arm, that no one knows anything about but every starts to research. No one questions this arm.

He is on the verge of finding out how to make a robot of that arm. The end of the world is coming very soon. But, he does not know about the end of the world.

The forgetful part of this doctor is that he does not care that strangers are in his home. He forgets that he is the victim. Sarah Conner has broken into his home. His research pays for his family home.

He forgets that he has a wife and son at home that need him. Their home has been shot up by crazy people that claim to know about the future.

The Fly (1986) Trailer by TrashTrailers

Seth Brundle

Seth has a problem. He wants to complete his research alone.

He forgets to clean up his work station. Also, he never gets read of insects. It is no wonder that a fly, flies into his project space to mess up his research. Clean up, already!

I think everyone knows what will happen to this guy. The movie is called, The Fly. He turns into a fly: a large human sized fly.

This guy seems to forget to shower but loves to keep his hair healthy.

Surprisingly, this guy has a girlfriend.

Dr. Bill Cortner

The Brain That Would Not Die is a funny film that may have looked scared in 1959. Dr. Cortner has a problem with his practice. He is not very good at his job.

You may ask: How do you know? He has a problem patent locked up in a cage. No normal doctor would keep his patients in cage. Something is wrong with him.

His tries to save this girl who has lost her body. Forgetting that he should be an ethical doctor, he tries to keep the woman alive. This does not work well for the head girl or the doctor.

The guy tries to get a body for the girl. However, he does not do much research on the subject. In fact, he picks the first girl that comes to his office. He does not even check to see if the girl's body will fit with the girl that is only a head. Dr. Cortner just assumes everything will work out in the end.

Dr. Herbert West

This guy is a brilliant man who forgets that stupid people might get a hold his work. Dr. West can bring the dead back to life. Also, he does not have much moral standers. After all, he wants to make zombies out of people.

I am sure that at first, he must have wanted to find some cure for death. But, this goes way too far.

Others, try to use his cure for their own ends, use it. The movie turns from a horror flick to gory fast.

Another problem, he has bad taste with choosing a research assistant. He forgets that, that he needs to let the research assistant know the perimeters of the project.


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