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Charlie Boy

Updated on September 26, 2015

This Hub is dedicated to an Icon of our time, someone i will classify as an enigma because of his controversial nature. This Icon is no other person but Charlie Boy...

Born Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, on the 19th of June 1951 in Nigeria to the family of Oputa in Oguta in the the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Something about him

Makes you wonder

His intelligence turns you upside down

His approach to life leaves you speechless

And his vast achievements slides you to bow

His is an Icon but an Enigma

Charlie boy is difficult to understand

His laugh,

A thundering sound

His story,

An iconic element

He is naturally soft but hard outside

He has a tender heart

Cares for others

Like a freedom fighter


'A person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand'

You cannot predict Charlie boy

Yet he is generous and kind

He is to the locals a god

To the oppressed a voice

Yet highly controversial

His pet is unusual

A python freaking the weak

His lifestyle is but a biker

Once ran a television show

Talented songwriter and performer

What a might he stands for

Charlie boy the game changer

Known as area father

Because of his mingling with all

Father at sixteen

A taboo but made him

The youngest Grandfather

Maybe not recorded in the Guinness Book

But history will surely preserve this Icon

He is kind and down to earth

An incorrigible affinity to broken wings

He likes to carry people along

Once known your problem

His heart takes compassion of you

What national merit fits this icon

Will the world ever know that he is an influence

Maybe not in this age but when he is gone

He will surely be remembered for his goods

Charlie boy Oputa

Your kind is not two on this planet

You are a puzzle with many pieces

Cracking you is cracking a nutshell

But you will remain an understanding

To those who appreciate you

You are an Icon


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