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Charlie Puth

Updated on January 1, 2016

Unknown Facts About Charlie Puth

  • He helped write the song “Slow Motion” for Trey Songz.

  • Puth met Meghan Trainor at a party in L.A. and played the song “Marvin Gaye” for her and she loved it and they decided to duet together on the song.

  • “Marvin Gaye” was the first song Puth wrote after arriving in L.A.

  • “See You Again” was the second song Puth wrote after arriving in L.A.

  • Charlie Puth is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has written and produced songs for an array of A-list pop and urban artists, including Jason Derulo, Stevie Wonder, and Meghan Trainor.

  • Charlie has a crush on Kendall Jenner, who he says is tall and pretty and not full of herself.

  • Charlie is rumored to be 5ft. 10in. tall

  • Charlie’s full name is Charles Otto Puth Jr.

Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth seemed to come out of nowhere in 2015. Becoming an instant hit maker when being featured on Wiz Khalifah’s hit single from “See You Again” from the soundtrack of “Furious 7.” Even though it may seem like Puth came out of left field the truth is he’s being doing some amazing things for quite some time. Many fans are unaware that Puth not only sang on Wiz Khalifah’s hit single “See You Again” but Puth also co-wrote and co-produced the song. “See You Again” reached number one status not only America but also in over 90 other countries, quickly helping to catapult Puth into household name status. When writing the song “SeeYou Again” Puth has been quoted as stating he too lost a friend in a car accident and when he was writing the song for “Furious 7” he often thought about how he felt when he lost his fiend in a similar manner as Paul Walker, the star of “Furious 7”, had lost his life while filming the highly popular movie. When Puth began writing the song for “Furious 7” he never dreamed that he would be able to write and perform the farewell song. Puth stated “I came out to LA to be a songwriter and not an artist, and I’m so excited because I always secretly wanted to be an artist,” Puth said. “I came in to Atlantic to write this song for someone else to sing, and the best day of my life—other than seeing it in a movie—was when they told me that I was going to be singing the chorus.” So with a little luck Puth was pushed into stardom and only continued to shine from there.

Puth originally gained popularity on Youtube where he posted his own work on his highly successful YouTube channel CharliesVlogs. Puth currently has had over four million views on his popular YouTube channel with over a half of million subscribers. Much of Puth’s music that was posted on YouTube was acoustic covers and his own music. Puth’s channel became so popular that in 2011, Charlie won an online competition sponsored by celeb Perez Hilton, when singing a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Not long after winning the online competition Puth was signed to tv talk show host Ellen Degeneres’s music label eleveneleven. Eleveneleven is a music label created by DeGeneres to help struggling and unknown performers gain recognition. Puth came onto Ellen’s show two times but soon moved to a different music label leaving eleveneleven behind and crossing over to Atlantic Records. Puth is one of the few new artist who have started their careers on YouTube only to cross over to mainstream media.

Early Years

Charlie Puth was born on December 2, 1991 in Rumson, New Jersey where he was born and raised. Puth attended various musical camps and schools prior to being featured on the hit single “See You Again.” Puth attended Manhattan School of Music Pre-College as a jazz piano major and a classical minor. In 2013, Charlie graduated from The Berklee College of Music, where he had majored in music production and engineering. While attending Berklee College of Music, Puth received a full scholarship for his remarkable scholastic and musical achievements.

When Charlie was only four years old he began playing the piano, being taught by his mother, who was a piano teacher. Puth states that his early influences include The Isley Brothers, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, and his idol James Taylor, who Puth states was the biggest influence on him musically.

Many of Charlie’s fans are curious about the scar on his right eyebrow. Puth states that when he was two years old he was involved in a near fatal dog attack that left him with the scar.

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