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Charmed 2018 vs Charmed (review)

Updated on December 26, 2019
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As an active browser of the internet with a Bachelors in Entertainment, I am a good source of opinions and reviews of such things.


Charmed (Original)

While the original Charmed may have had its' flaws, premiering in 1998, and the limitations that come with that. It still is to this day, the best version. The characters are rich and full of life, the plot is strong enough to carry through to eight seasons as well as two versions of the Charmed ones. First with the original three and then after the death of Prue, with Paige.

They give the show enough work and time, to make certain the characters are people you care for even if they're characters you shouldn't care for. The story itself rich with creativity. This allowing minimal focus on one type of mythology, religion, or otherwise. This is a great thing because it provides apple opportunity for difference story-lines per episode, per season, what have you. Having a wide range of things to pull from gives it a more well-rounded feeling. So that isn't giving too much attention to one thing.

Plus, while it isn't detrimental to the story, it is really cool that the show contained real bands performing throughout the series at Piper's club P3. It makes the show feel more real when they get artists like Pat Benatar or The Cranberries for example. In addition to the live performances, the music throughout the series is just spot on and amazing.


Charmed (2018)

lets just break down the issues with this show.

The three main actresses are either incredibly new or not very good at their job because nothing they did was believable. Even if I were to say the story is great (which I do not think it is) even if it was, having actresses who don't like the story or at least don't believe in their characters really does come across to the audience and makes it not enjoyable. There isn't a hint of raw emotion that comes across the show, and that makes it difficult to enjoy the show or care for what is happening. It honestly feels like they did not care so why should we, the audience, either?

As a show put forth in 2018, I was expecting some pretty decent special effects but instead I was disappointed. The effects are honestly so ridiculous looking that it is almost a joke how bad it is. If you were to compare it to the original Charmed's special effects there is just no comparison. The different times fire is used, the times when they are supposed to freeze anything. Truly anything magical fell short of average expectations. Of course I wasn't expecting some Lord of the Rings level special effects but it should have been better than the original Charmed and it just wasn't.

There is also an incredible amount of feminism shoved in your face throughout the show. And it isn't empowering it just comes across as irritating and man-hating. And while I love the variety in characters that one of the sisters' is African-american and another sister is a lesbian. I do NOT appreciate the fact that they made the lesbian sister stereotypical. As in, she is quick to blame men and or to imply men are the cause of issues more than they are. Very "Women power!" but once again it isn't in a natural way but more of... women are better and men suck kind of way. Plus all of the Elders are female, which is odd.

2 stars for Charmed 2018 (personal rating)

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