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Charmed Who's Your Favorite?

Updated on August 26, 2009

The best of the best in entertainment

Aaron Spelling and his team had a major hit from the start with the WB show charmed which aired from October 1998 to May 2006. Writer Constance M Burge had entered the minds of every teen and adult who acquired a taste for this type of TV entertainment playing on the imagination and sex appeal. The actresses were all indeed hot and hip in fashion, plus they had all these supernatural powers which are things every young woman wished they had or every young man wished they could make their own. There was a different personality to fit every young girl or adult lifestyle. You had the wild sister Phoebe played by Alyssa Milano, the serious sister played by Shannon Doherty, the stuck in between sister played by Hollie Marie Combs and the last introduced confused sister Paige played by Rose McGowan. No matter which sisters character you got into they all screamed cool and hot, all were totally devoted to each other. So which was your favorite of the Halliwell sister witches?

My favorite character would have to be Phoebe who started out as the wild child all about fun and partying her life away. Later on Phoebe developed into a real woman with a sense of stability who became interested in writing and fell for the hottest guys on the show. Phoebe could never seem to get a break when it came to love though plus she at first had the most boring power which was premonition. Plus I would have to say, and this might upset some people but she was definitely the hottest sister and has been totally sexy to me since the first time i saw her in a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger playing his daughter, also that movie Fear starring Reese Witherspoon along with Mark. I think she totally dresses better in the show, has the better job, the better personality. Its Alyssa all the way for me.

A friend of mine chooses Prue over the rest. He argues that Shannon Daugherty playing Prue is the best idea ever and that she's the hottest hottie of the show. Prue in his words is the more serious sister who could do her share of partying making it just as sexy plus she could move things with her mind. He loves the fact that she plays the good girl,watch over my sisters type. In reality Shannon has been known to be just the opposite but he's loved her since her 90210 days, he chose her over my favorite character Jenny Garth who i believe played Kelly on that show. But Shannon Doherty was a little angel in the earlier movie i saw her in called Girls just want to have fun starring Joey Lawrence and Sara Jessica Parker. Now I do admit that i would choose her over Sara Jessica Parker any day,but I'm not saying that Sara Jessica Parker is not hot because she so is as well.

Another friend has chosen Piper simply because he loved Hollie Marie Combs motherly presence, I'm joking but I hope he doesn't read this. Piper was kinda cool,she was cute as well,she became hotter when she seemed to get possessed, although her powers were rad because she could freeze time and people. If some of the females I knew could have done that i would've been in for a lifetime of trouble. She was also the serious sister,but a way to a mans heart is through his stomach, this sister could cook like no other, maybe I'll change my pick to her.

Paige however wasn't picked by anyone, the reason is definitely unexplainable. She's definitely a hottie,was a party girl who learned responsibilities could do all sorts of things because she was half witch and half whitelighter. I think she was definitely the most powerful sister of the four, a young Phoebe if you ask me. Now Paige is picked because I have chosen both.

The story of the Halliwell sisters presents trust,bonding,love,tragedy,comedy,drama all in one. How could anyone not love this show? Did you know that Shannon Doherty originally wanted to play the Piper and Hollie Marie Combs really wanted the role of Prue? Imagine what the show would have been like had this happened. Originally the show received criticism because people thought it was deemed around evil,witch craft and things of such but they were failing to realize that it was just a show,a show that gained a large audience who watched these sisters daily evolve into women,romances,hurtful times. Sometimes television is just television either you're going to watch a show or not but you don't have to give criticism because you don't like it when you can just simply change the channel. I really miss this show and wish they could somehow bring it back for its followers. I'm going to watch the ending of Charmed and the power of three again tonight, while I'm doing that feel free to let me know your favorites.

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    • profile image

      Cajunlawyer 6 years ago

      Charmed was one of the best television shows that I had seen in a long time. As the critics have stated, the sisters were hot, charming, and best friends in a solid family. Anyone who has a problem with the witch craft in this series should really look around. It was entertainment of the highest caliber. I was sorry that it ended.