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Chef a "delicious" film to enjoy

Updated on August 29, 2014

The food in the film, you wish you could pull it off the screen and eat it.

Here's another fun, feel good date film with delicious food in it.

Another film of the summer that made me want to drool.

I swear my mouth was watering with the food they were cooking in the film.

I don't whether the actors were actually doing the cooking but I enjoyed watching them make the film.

With the many character, Carl played by Jon Favreau who is dealing with his ex wife and wanting to express himself in food and his creativity while trying to help out raise his son.

Basically he will have to change his whole life and begin in an adventure in a food truck.

But you think because what you see in front of you, as they are cooking alot of different foods that will fill any stomach with sheer joy in which you want to give the chef a standing ovation yelling bravo and wanting ore until all the buttons on your pants burst.

This film literally, I wanted to be there experience on the set the aromas of the food.

I just sit there and wonder how many takes they had to do with the scenes and how many times the actors got to try all the food. Now that would be a role I think I would almost be jealous of and yes I'm not saying really jealous, and who knows maybe they had to keep tasting the food over and over for many takes that they might not want to eat something ever again if they ate it too much.

But it does show struggles of what a father has to go through while working on a passion of his, which is cooking while showing his son about life and how food interacts with every human being.

Of course people are delighted with the food truck and are lining up for the food to be served.

If you ever had the experience of getting food from people who actually love to cook and serve much of it to the public besides fine dining restaurants, then you indeed are going to be happy with the little adventure with the food truck with father and son and a friend, John Leguizamo and we do know the zaniest things John brings to his role with alot of crazy flavor only he could bring.

But at first people think Carl might be a little bit out of his mind, but he decides that this is something that he needs to do and sets about going about doing it.

There is a little sadness, a little joy, a little disappointments, but I think audiences will enjoy a film that is indeed a splendor in its own way.

Mind you, I do advice you to make sure you do eat a really good meal, before you watch the film because when watching the food being made on screen chocolate and popcorn will not hold you over until dinner, so make sure you eat before you watch the film and if you ever do know what I'm talking about where you should always eat before you go food shopping so you don't feel up on the wrong things.

Well unless you smuggle some food in a pocketbook or others things to really fill you up while watching this film I think that would help you to get through the film till the end.

But I think even if you eat before you watch this film you might want to eat again afterwards because the film does make you this hungry and you drool for the food on the screen.

The acting is really decent and maybe some people might be able to relate to situations in the film because the story really isn't too far fetched because there are a lot of people that are indeed divorced raising children in society today.

At least Carl and his ex-wife Inez, played by Sofia Vergara, seem to get along and you somehow wish during the movie they might reconsider.

But once again art does imitate life and life does imitate art so once again the plot really isn't too far fetched and guarantee I think the thought of someone cooking in a food truck and making a living off of cooking, which is a passion for alot of people really isn't too far fetched.

If you want to take in a film that doesn't have too much action, has little bit of comedy and feel like you need a film that will inspire you to eat, go see the film.

It is a good date film, nothing is too over the top or too over done.

It is an enjoyable film that at the end I think people are going to be pleased with even the ending.

The soundtrack is a lot of fun to listen to for the film Chef and you might want to feel like dancing in your seat or at least tapping your feet along with the music.

Well if you do dance in your seat you might be able to work off the candy, chocolate, soda and popcorn you might eat while watching the film so you can make room for dinner because once again once you see the food in the film your going to get hungry afterwards.

But do look into special dinner prices because with tickets at night time it can get expensive, unless you go to a matinee to save some money and then have a great afternoon dinner.

The film Chef, I do enjoy and am looking forward to seeing it again sometime. I bet the film would be great watching at home because it might be great to learn to cook the dishes served up in the film.

I still think I got to find the food recipes in the film because I sure wanted to cook after seeing the film but once it is available to stream I think people can figure out how to cook the dishes at home while watching the film.

It indeed was a yummy, fun film and I think anybody would enjoy the film.


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  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile image

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 3 years ago from worldwide

    Please do and I have like how you write :)

  • Michael Kismet profile image

    Michael Kismet 3 years ago from Northern California

    I was perusing through your articles, and..

    OMG, I watched this the other day and was thoroughly entertained, this is such a coincidence! I had this movie on my laptop for weeks, cause I didn't yet realize what an enjoyable film it was.. I was pleasantly surprised to see Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, and Robert Downey in the movie. I think Jon Favreau did a dynamite job, and it can't be overstated that it does make your mouth water, those "Cubanos" sandwiches with the butter, yum!

    Shelly, I've see enough..I think I want to be your friend and follow you, if that's alright?


  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile image

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 3 years ago from worldwide

    Thank you and hope you enjoy the film.

  • profile image

    MasterDripper 3 years ago

    ok - this is the second time someone recommended this film - I guess it is time to put down the coffee and watch it - the review is a good summary