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Year of the Rooster personality

Updated on September 19, 2012

Year of the Rooster Personality

One of the Chinese zodiac signs that are fond of observing their surroundings is the Rooster. People who are born under the sign of Rooster often watch people and the surroundings around them.

Fortunately, they are always precise and accurate whenever they give out their observations of things that they notice. Some people may say that Roosters have a sixth sense but it is just their way of dealing with things.

Typically, people who are not familiar with Roosters may think that people under this zodiac sign are always keeping something behind them. The truth is, whatever you usually see in Roosters are all genuine.

They don't like hiding something from other people and they also expect the same behavior in return. Roosters are born to be very frank and forthright in everything that they do and say, so you always need to listen to them if they need to say something to you, as they are usually right.

People who are born under this zodiac sign are fond of being flattered and noticed every once in a while. Some of them may dress bluntly, but they still have that conservative side inside them. They tend to have a certain type of beauty that makes everyone attracted to them whenever they are around.

People under this Chinese zodiac sign also love getting attention whenever they are at social gatherings and the like. Sometimes, because of this nature some people think that the Roosters are very gullible. The truth is they are not because they do have skeptical and cautious mind, which usually protects them from people who will do them harm.

Rooster under Metal 1921 and 1981

People who are under the metal Rooster are known to be stuck up and arrogant. They are fond of protecting themselves by not letting their egos cater to anybody. Typically, when they find themselves in difficult situations, they tend to analyze things first before they actually give reasons and decisions.

When it comes to romance as well as friendship, they tend to use their aggressiveness to get what they want. It is advisable for people who are under the metal Rooster to relax once in a while, and to forget their egos at times for them to enjoy the life that they have.

Rooster under Water 1933 and 1993

The water Rooster is more relaxed than the metal one because they are known to have tranquility in life. They are also quiet when it comes to certain things, especially to things that are not that important to them.

People under this sign do not need the spotlight and don't have to be vocal about things in their lives. On the other hand, they are known to be communicators, since they have the ability to keep things relaxed even in situations that are intense.

The Water Rooster is known to have a lot of energy, which can sometimes get in the way of things especially when it comes to concentrating. It is advisable for them to avoid concentrating too much on the details of their lives because they will tend to miss things that are more important.

Rooster under Wood 1945 and 2005

People who are under the wood Rooster love being in a group of people, and don't actually strive to be on top of other people. The reason behind this is because of the friendly nature that they have. They are also fond of other people's company and when they are around people, they tend to want to be with them often.

They make genuine friendships, which is why a lot of people love to be with them. Wood Roosters love to be involved with things that will help the environment and the people around them to be better than usual.

The downside is they tend to expect a lot of things in return from the people and the environment which can sometimes cause conflicts. It is advisable for them to avoid letting themselves commit to every situation that they see, for them to be able to finish every task that they currently have.

Rooster under Fire 1957 and 2017

People under fire Rooster are known to be vain when it comes to their physical attributes. They strive hard to look better every single day because they believe that having good looks is a possession that no one can take away from them.

They usually love to flaunt what they have and are also known to be very dramatic at times. They are often seen in big gatherings and parties because they are fond of organizing these types of events.

Sometimes they can also act a little blunt and be bossy with the people around them, which can cause conflicts with other people. Despite all that, people who are born under this sign are known to be very motivated and creative, which makes them a better leader than the rest of the other Chinese zodiac signs.

Rooster under Earth 1909 and 1969

A well organized personality is what people under the earth Rooster are known. This is the reason why when it comes to making certain decisions, they are very careful and quiet because they want to avoid any mistakes. People under this sign are known to work very hard in everything that they do; in fact they can perfectly handle every situation that they are in.

They become good workers because they pay attention to details which is definitely a sufficient attitude to have. They are always striving to become successful, which is why they take a lot of responsibility when working. There are times that they can argue with the people around them, especially if these people do not meet their requirements and deadlines. It is always advisable for them to always be very careful in everything that they do, and to always have a certain degree of honesty in their lives.

In general people who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster are secretive when it comes to their affairs of the heart and personal lives. They'd rather keep everything to themselves, rather than exploiting every detail to their family and friends.

They are also very loyal, which is why they tend to have a longer and if not, permanent relationship with the opposite sex. They have the least tendency to do something that will ruin the relationship that they have, to make sure that things will work just fine.


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    • Mama Kim 8 profile image

      Sasha Kim 5 years ago

      Great hub! I'm excited for your Snake zodiac hub... My husband and I are both snakes only different years. ^_^

      My mother is a rooster and this pegged her!