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Choosing A Bass Guitar Package

Updated on February 14, 2011

Bass guitar packages provide a great way to get started with playing the bass guitar, especially if you're not sure which accessories you need to buy, because these bass kits contain everything you need to get going.

Let's see what you should look for when buying a bass guitar kit, and take a more detailed look at some of the best-selling bass guitar starter packages.

Choosing A Bass Guitar Starter Kit

Most bass kits are relatively low in price, as they are targeted at beginner bassists. However, there’s quite a lot of variation in terms of quality, and you shouldn't automatically choose the cheapest bass guitar kit (especially those no-name brands that you can sometimes find in large department stores), as extremely low-priced instruments are often poorly made and can be harder to play, with inferior sound quality.

Instead, it's best to look for a bass guitar pack from established manufacturers (we'll take a look at some of these below). The kit you buy should also contain standard accessories, such as an amp, a stand, an amp cable, a bass guitar strap and a gig bag.

Other common accessories include a bass guitar tuner, a selection of picks, an extra set of strings and sometimes a chord chart or an instructional book/DVD also.

Whichever model you choose, it's always a good idea to have read around online to find reviews before buying, so you can see what other people are saying.

Now, let's take a look at four of the most popular bass starter kits.

1. Silvertone LB11 Bass Package With Sunburst Finish

Silvertone is a well-known manufacturer of guitars and basses, and their starter instruments are very popular with beginners. This package contains a Precision-style LB11 bass guitar in an attractive sunburst finish. The guitar has volume and tone knobs, a 34 inch scale, maple neck and rosewood fretboard.

This bass pack also includes a 10W BAX bass amp with cable, a guitar strap, picks, an electronic tuner and a gig bag. There’s also an instructional DVD so you can get started with playing easy tunes right away.

2. Dean Starter Bass Pack With Edge 09 Bass In Metallic Red

This bass guitar Pack is from Dean, another highly respected guitar manufacturer. It includes the Dean Edge 09 bass guitar, in a striking metallic red finish (although a black version is also available). The body is made from basswood, the net from maple and the fretboard from rosewood, and it features chrome hardware.

The other accessories that come with this pack include a padded gig bag, a 10 Watt Bassola amp - which is perfect for home practice -  an amp cord, guitar tuner, strap and picks.

3. Austin Bazaar Bass Guitar Kit In Silver

This bass package is from Austin Bazaar, a popular manufacturer of entry-level instruments. It includes a Precision-style bass guitar with a stylish silver and white finish. It is made from basswood, and has 20 frets.

This pack also contains a 10 Watt bass practice amp, connecting cable, a padded gig bag for protection and a guitar strap.

4. Yamaha Gigmaker In Black

Yamaha is an extremely well-known manufacturer of various goods, and they have a reputation for producing quality musical instruments at affordable prices. This bass guitar package is part of Yamaha's bestselling GigMaker series, and includes a RBX170 bass guitar with chrome tuners, an agathis wood body, a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard.

You also get a padded gig bag, practice amp with cable, strap, a digital chromatic tuner and an instruction book to get you started straight away.

Where To Buy A Bass Guitar Package

Although bass guitar beginner kits are available in some music stores, you’ll find that buying online gives you the best selection at the lowest prices. Online retailers have lower overheads than brick and mortar stores, and can pass their savings on to you.

Buying online is also a lot more convenient, since you can shop from the comfort of your own home and have your guitar delivered to your door. Just make sure that you buy from a reputable retailer with a solid returns policy (such as Amazon), just in case there’s a problem with your guitar package and it needs to go back.

You can also find some great bargain bass packages on eBay:


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