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Choosing Good Audition Songs for American Idol

Updated on September 30, 2010

It's that time of year again - the time of year when the American Idol judges are touring the country seeking out the people who might be able to become America's next singing sensation. With thousands of people auditioning in each location, there's a good chance that you might be considering an audition. And if you are, you're trying to figure out how to make yourself stand apart from the rest of that massive crowd. The most important thing that you can do for yourself when planning for an American Idol audition is to spend a lot of time making sure that you have chosen the right song.

In order to choose the right song for an American Idol audition, the first thing that you will need to do is to assess your singing ability. This is the difficult part where you take a long hard look at how well you can sing and be honest with yourself about the style and range of your voice. You should get a second opinion here - preferably a professional opinion from someone who understands the nuances of the voice (someone like a vocal coach). That's because you have to choose a song that suits your range and style or you're going to have the wrong song and fail to make a good impression at the audition.

Once you know the style and range of your voice, you can narrow down the list of songs that you are considering using for the audition. If you have an amazing vocal range then you want to choose a song that is going to show off that range. If your range is limited, you want to take care not to choose a song with a wide range because your limitations will be highlighted. Consider your vocal strengths and weakness - for example, if you can hit some amazing low notes but don't sing high notes well then you want to choose a song that can be performed well in the low range. You may have to listen to a large number of songs from different eras to find a good selection for your range.

Once you have identified those songs that are in your range, you can take some additional important factors into consideration to make sure that you choose the right song:

  • Popularity of the song. You want to select a song that people know but that isn't currently super-popular. In other words, be creative with your choice but don't be wacky about it.
  • Ease of learning the song. Ideally, this will be a song that you already know by heart so that you don't have to worry about forgetting the lyrics. If not, you should make sure that it's one you're fairly certain that you can learn easily.
  • Adaptability of the song. You want to be able to sing the song in a way that reflects your own style. Is this a song that's going to be easy to adapt a little bit to your own voice?

After choosing the right song, you will want to make sure that you seal the deal by completing the whole package. You want to choose an appropriately trendy outfit for the audition. You also want to create a series of dance moves - or at least get comfortable moving a little while you sing. And then you want to practice, practice, practice!


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  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi im also going to auditions 4idols bt nt quite sure to pick frm Beyonce to Adele.i cn hit a bit of high notes bt nt sure

  • profile image


    8 years ago



    Bring me to life is not just any song that can be sang by any1. I'd say to keep save...go see someone that can tell thru your voice what you should be singing. Good luck...


  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Hey Cornelius

    I'm also going to audition for SA idols. I would say go for Muse :)

  • profile image


    8 years ago


    Can anyone please help. Ok, I'm obviously not auditioning for AI, but I am for South African Idols, which starts in a few weeks, ouch!! I have trouble deciding a song between: (1) Bring me to Life - Evanescence

    (2) Uprising - Muse

    (3) Somebody to love - Queen. Can anyone please help by giving advice or suggestions, even for other songs that I could consider. I am a 23 year old guy, and love Muse for instance (explaining the choice of Uprising) and my range is pretty good, well can easily do Uprising even if I take it half a key up. Any Help PLEASE!!!!!

  • Dona Rosa profile image

    Dona Rosa 

    8 years ago from Tennessee

    OK, I wanna go up on stage :)

  • compu-smart profile image


    10 years ago from London UK

    Perfect advice for aspiring singers who sometimes have American idol as an only last resort to become famous and successful, and if they don't listen to Simon Cowell who always says

    "Quote" You blew it with your song choice"

    I hope they listen to you!



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