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Chris Pratt

Updated on August 29, 2014
Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt

Quick Facts about Pratt

- Pratt was homeless in Maui before becoming an A list actor

- He met his wife on the set "Take Me Home Tonight"

-He has an older sister and brother

- Pratt is 6'2

-Pratt and Faris have one son together name Jack who was born in August of 2012

-Pratt graduated from Lake Stevens High School in 1997

-Was discovered while waiting tables in Maui

-Pratt is an avid fishermen and hunter

The Early Years

Chris Pratt was born as Christopher Michael Pratt on June 21, 1979. Pratt was born in a town called Virginia in the state of Minnesota. Chris's mother worked at a supermarket and his father worked in the gold mining field and then switched to home remodeling. He father is now deceased. Even thought Pratt was born in Minnesota he was raised in the town of Lake Stevens, Washington.

As a high-school student Pratt participated in various sports, his most successful sport being wrestling. Pratt placed fifth in the Washington State wrestling tournament. Soon Pratt was off to college but his college career was very short lived and he dropped out after attending for less than a semester.

After dropping out of college Pratt worked a few odd jobs including a coupon salesman and a daytime stripper. After those jobs fell through, Pratt ended up homeless and sleeping in a tent on a beach in Maui. Pratt has talked about his time spent being homeless in Maui and he has been quoted as stating "It's a pretty awesome place to be homeless. We just drank and smoked weed and worked minimal hours, just enough to cover gas, food, and fishing supplies."

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt

Being Recruited

While waiting tables at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in Maui, Pratt was discovered and recruited by director Rae Down Chong. Soon Pratt was cast in the movie "Cursed Part 3" and it was soon followed by his television role on "Everwood." When the television series "Everwood" was canceled he was then cast to appear on the television series "The O.C." While appearing on various television shows, Pratt read for the lead role of Captain Kirk in the reboot of the Star Trek movies, however, the role would eventually go to a different Chris... Chris Pine.

It seemed as if Pratt's career was going to span out to be a television only career when he was once again cast on another television series "Parks and Recreation." Most of Pratt's characters that he portrayed were dim witted idiot man boys. However, when Pratt was cast in the movie "Moneyball" opposite of Brad Pitt, it soon became clear that Pratt was capable of so much more. After Pratt's portrayal in "Moneyball" he was cast as supporting characters in movies such as "What's Your Number", "Zero Dark Thirty", and "The Five Year Engagement."

However, Pratt would soon prove that he was leading man material when he starred as the lead character in the highly successful "Guardians of the Galaxy." Right before Pratt's starring role in "Guardians of the Galaxy", he had a highly successful voice role in the cartoon "The Lego Movie", which Pratt voiced the main character in the movie.

Recently Pratt was cast in the new Jurassic Park movie which is due out in 2015 called "Jurassic." He also has a multi-film deal with Marvel for further "Guardian of the Galaxy" movies.

Personal Life

Chris Pratt is currently married to Anna Faris, who he met while filming the movie "Take Me Home Tonight." The two have on son together named Jack.

Chris Pratt and Ana Faris
Chris Pratt and Ana Faris
Chris Pratt, Jack Pratt, and Anna Faris
Chris Pratt, Jack Pratt, and Anna Faris
Anna Faris and Chris Pratt
Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Video

Videos and clips of Pratt from interviews and movies.


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