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Christina Grimmie: The Next Big Star

Updated on June 5, 2014

Yeahhh! You’re flippin’ right, she’s the one who belted Wrecking Ball effortlessly when she auditioned for the hit TV show, The Voice Season 6. With her stage presence and huge pipes, she wowed the crowd, left everyone open-mouthed and also made all four chairs of the coaches turn around. Since that moment, Christina Grimmie, a 20-year-old talented girl, was definitely the one a lot had watched out and rooted for.

But just recently, Grimmie ended her journey in The Voice Season 6 on the third spot. However, there is a sure GREAT career ahead of this young diva. Right after the show, she was then signed by her The Voice coach, Maroon 5 lead man, Adam Levine in his own record label.

Christina Grimmie
Christina Grimmie | Source

Before The Voice

Christina Grimmie, a young singer/songwriter, first started her musical career back in 2009 when she uploaded her first YouTube video singing Hannah Montana's "Don't Wanna be Torn." Since then, she surprised the YouTube world with her great singing and piano-playing prowess and earned over 2 million subscribers and more than 375 million views on her YT channel, zeldaxlove64.

Grimmie is known for her YouTube covers like Nelly's "Just a Dream" with fellow YouTuber Sam Tsui (15+ M views), Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up" (12+ M views), Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" (11+ M views) and more fantastic song renditions.

With her YouTube stardom, she got the chance to work with various popular artists and also performed in a bunch of tours. She opened up for stars like Selena Gomez and the Scene, Jonas Brothers and more.

Her Own Music

Way back 2012, she once told a reporter that she wanted to stop doing covers and start writing only original music. This was a year after she released her very own EP, entitled Find Me,June 4, 2011. It was then followed by her second album, entitled With Love by the same record label Creative Artists Agency, August 6, 2013.

"Advice", "Liar Liar", "Find Me", "Tell My Mama" and "Feeling Good" were her singles that all my fellow Team Grimmie went crazy about (The vid up there is one of my faaaves! She rawwks!).

And guess what!! our little grimmie already won awards, recognition and got nominations from some music award giving bodies.

Christina Grimmie's Awards and Nominations

Best Female Cover Artist
Grimmex Radio's Talent Awards
Biggest Viral Artist
Radio Disney Music Awards
Overall Best Cover Artist
Intense Radio's Talent Awards
Best Female Cover Artist
Intense Radio's Talent Awards
Best Female Cover Artist
Intense Radio's Music Awards
Rockin’ Indie Artist of the Year
Youth Rock Awards 2011
New Media Honoree (Female)
American Music Awards
Christina Grimmie's Awards and Nominations (

Team Grimmie on The Voice

So Christina is a early fan favorite! who wouldn't fall for her fantastic voice??? She swung hard like a wrecking ball and left us all asking for more! ... and we did had more. With her talent and amazing personality, she got a spot on the finale. But before we dig in to the final verdict, let's look back to 5 of her great highlights in the show!

1. The Wrecking Ball! (Feb 24)

Obviously, first impressions do matter. Grimmie was the first auditionee of this year and happened to make it 'til the very end. Whoohoo! With her rendition of Miley Cyrus' hit single "Wrecking Ball", she embedded her permanent place in the competition.

2. Battle of the Divas: Counting Stars. (March 31)

Sam Behymer was also a top contender in the competition. Well unfortunately, she had to fight for her spot against our gurl on the Battle Round 2. And even with her sultry flawless voice, she didn't stand a chance with Grimmie's powerhouse ability... with the song "Counting Stars"

3. The Soft and Rawwking Touch: Hold On, We are going home (April 28)

The top 10 finalists were all pumped up to win and Coach Adams li'l buddy was always ready to wow the crowd. She got all heads nodding with her version of "Hold On, We're Going Home" that definitely gave me goosebumps (like always!)

4. How to love? No questions asked when it comes to Christina G! (May 5)

So what happened if a light RnB song was given ummmf by a cool rawwking artist? it will be a high chill-giving heart-racing performance... as usual, all her performances were AMAZEBALLS! Get ready top 5.. she's coming!!

5. The Coach and His Protege duet! Somebody that I Used To Know (May 19)

dan-dan-dan-dan!! so then my awaited of the whole season came! The GREAT duet of Christina and her gorg-as-ever coach Adam Levine. and all those moments i really thought that they actually sang the song for me because that was the first song i heard from Grimmie EVER. i was scrolling YT vids before and then i came up to her video and the rest is history... oh. anyways, they were both TOTES AMAZE!!!!!!

Christina Grimmie and Adam Levine Duet on The Voice

So what happened, happened. The public decided to crown Josh Kaufman as The Voice Season 6 winner. Well, Josh definitely got something and deserves the title. but i know and i believe that there are still GREAT things that awaits our awesome gurl and would do what she promised.. yep, some awesome new music! As a proof, she tweeted...

Christina Grimmie Tweets about her new music!


So who's excited?? (All arrows on me!) We are surely excited about that Christina! It's gonna be rawwking awesome for sure! With your amazing voice and cool attitude, us, Team Grimmie would love you more! No doubts that you're gonna be big! xx

Who's with me?

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