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How To Get Shaped Like Christina Hendricks

Updated on March 29, 2011

Christina Hendricks is bringing the concept of actually having a feminine figure back to an industry that's been stacking skinny models like kindling for decades now. This is a good thing, though it is a tad odd that she's being treated rather like the platypus was when it was first discovered.

You see, when naturalists first discovered the platypus in Australia and shipped it back to the motherland (England) for analysis by scientific types, it was widely believed that it was a hoax. Why, the very idea of a furry beast that laid eggs and sported a duck's beak, beaver's tale and webbed feet seemed too strange to be true.

“Aware of the monstrous impostures which the artful Chinese had so frequently practised on European adventurers, the scientific felt inclined to class this rare production of nature with eastern mermaids and other works of art," said ye olde surgeon Robert Knoxin 1799.

So has it gone with Christina Hendricks. Many critics suggest that there is no way that Christina Hendricks could possibly exist in the wild. They say that she must have been stitched together with bits and pieces of other ladies in order to create the beautiful, yet strangely shaped woman they see before them.

Fact of the matter is, whether Christina Hendricks has had plastic surgery or not (there are passionate advocates on both sides of that debate,) the fact of the matter is that she's simply a curvy girl with a pretty face who knows how to work support underwear.

Her corset photo on the cover of New York magazine was lovely, however if we're to be bluntly honest, she probably needed that corset to manage her shape. The reason why she looks so amazing in structured garments is because those curves usually don't come without bulk in other, less desirable, areas. This isn't me snidely sitting here and calling her fat, this is stating the truth about the female form. Though hips and bust are admired on the wide side, the waist is not, therefore Christina's rather exaggerated shape is more likely than not down to cunning use of shapewear. 

The UK's Trinny and Susannah have been pushing shapewear for as long as they've been harrying tired housewives through upmarket shopping centers, but fair lady Christina Hendricks appears to have mastered the use of such garments, she wears them with all the slightly smug aplomb of a master martial artist casually smashing his head through a pile of bricks.


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