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We Are Killing in the Name!

Updated on December 20, 2009

That X Factor Reign Has Been Let UP!!!


Rage Against The Machine is the UK's Christmas Number one and the dreaded reign of the cheesy, crooning X Factor Machine's hold of the holidays has ended. It's about damn time too!

Everybody loves a good scrap and this was a fine one. It's been a while since we had a really good Christmas number one and no... Girl's Aloud Sound of the Underground, doesn't's good but not MAJOR!

Crimbo hits have been dominated by reality show winners, and the last 5 years The X Factor Winners were practically handed the top spot.

A Facebook group with a membership nearing the millions gave weight to the protest against the obvious and predictable 'Jingle Bell' chart topper. I had hoped it would work all the way through but was unsure, considering the amount of people that tune in to The X Factor.

But we did it guys...we stuck it to the man and showed him our metaphorical naughty finger *I'm sure many probably got their fingers out* and gave music back to us...the people.

Joe McElderry gave a good fight and put on a brave face, in the interviews I've seen leading up to the countdown. He's sweet, young and likeable and has an amazing voice-note perfect as he's been told many times on the show but I'm not sure if he's an International star. Leona Lewis is the biggest thing X Factor gave the UK and the world of music and is still a hard act to follow. Alexandra Burke and JLS are is doing their best but have some head way to make yet...time will tell.

Joe made it clear that he is not taking it personally so that's good-it's not him; it's the music. Hopefully he won't end up like Leon Jackson. If you even remember him.

WE are the ones buying and listening to the music and it's about time our voices were heard and given weight.

It's a powerful piece of music, with some kick ass lyrics.

I know it's not the traditional Christmas choice, it might be a bit harsh on the ears on Christmas morning and isn't that lovely soft stuff you expect to hear while roasting your chestnuts on an open fire. But this is 2009! Luckily, there's the power of choice and you can tune in to another station or play your own Christmas CD to avoid the song if you don't like it.

Seriously, music channels have been playing that Cheeky Girls Christmas song and if you can listen to that, then you can listen to this and Killing in the Name is real music.FACT!

The Christmas Revolution

Simon Cowell made comments on the show about the importance of the number one to the winner and how much it would change their life. In my opinion, it's not the number one you get right off the bat that counts...but the number ones you can garner after that

I used to be a proper fan of the show, but over the years my enjoyment has dwindled and I find it somewhat fake. People assume most people buying the RATM song hate The X Factor but I don't think so...I don't hate it. I hate what it's doing to music.

It operates like the viewers either no nothing about music or have no choice but to buy what they're selling.

I don't like it's control of the charts, not just the Christmas number one but in general. Performer's on Sunday night's show are allowed to move higher up the charts due to the brainwashing antics of The X Factor. Once they appear, there's a boom in sales of their single even if their song is awful *cough* *Cheryl* *cough* *Fight For This Love* *cough*. If it's a good song then great, fair enough.

I wouldn't mind if Joe went to number one BUT the song would need to be an original song. You can just tell they think we're all fools when they have the audacity to use The Climb. I mean a song that was already on the charts some months ago. The theme song for that Hannah Montana teeny/tweeny dribble, that most teens (girls) own anyway. They expect us to just go out an buy it cause he won...SERIOUSLY?!

I's a lesson learned, for The X Factor- I never understood why they didn't but original songs like American Idol-cover after cover-butchered classic here and there.

We aren't gullible and not all of us are drawn in...We saw, we heard, we didn't approve...we raged against the machine and now...

We're Killing in The Name Baby!

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A little Humor on the subject!


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    • Sa Toya profile image

      Sa Toya 7 years ago from England

      I know!!! it proper got me excited!!!!


    • jenblacksheep profile image

      jenblacksheep 7 years ago from England

      Yeah Baby!! :D I love it! Bought the single and everything. Can't believe that it actually got to Number One!