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Should Spotlight have won best picture?

Updated on February 29, 2016

Spotlight wins best picture.

How good was Spotlight?

How good was Spotlight? - The answer is Spotlight was brilliant. The 2002 Pulitzer prize winner stories about paedophilic priests and their corrupt lawyers was destined to be made into a monumental movie, which has spread awareness of this ongoing tragedy even further. Mark Ruffulo's best performance by yards. Birdman truly breathed life into Michael Keaton's career leading him on to play this character like no one else could. This movie is powerful enough to make your blood boil, and is probably one of the best journalism movies since Citizen Kane (That's right, I'm comparing this movie to Citizen Kane) that doesn't falsely make the reporters look like heroes. But it's the victims that truly bring this film to life- great performances from each one of them, painfully describing in long monologues the hardships they have all encountered as children with excruciating detail, you truly feel there pain. Directed by Tom McCarthy who earlier in 2015 directed the horrible, boring that was beyond comprehension bad but to be fair even before that he made 3 decent movie but Spotlight is a huge step for him. Sadly this is only a small chapter of the sickening child sex abuse and cover up stories. This film will scare as much as any horror movie.

Was it the best movie of the year?

No. No it was not the best movie of the year, Spotlight was a terrific movie but 2015 was a terrific year of movies and this was not the best. To be precise there was three movies more deserving of the title of best picture than Spotlight- The Revenant, Room, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Fury Road may have not pulled your emotional strings but come on, I might be releasing my inner child here but Mad Max was the literal definition of epic. The little dialogue through out the film only strengthens the power of it, mind blowing visual design and an epically dramatic loud sound track to blow you away. No movie was more enjoyable to be taken over by this year. Unfortunately I only saw the movie in cinema once. This was a grave mistake. The viewing experience is like no other, just sit back and be blown away. When the credits roll you'll have to convince your self you weren't dreaming.

Speaking of dreaming, Did you hear? DiCaprio finally won that long sought after Oscar. And he deserved it more than anyone else for his breath taking performance in The Revenant. This film also features little dialogue (If you don't include the grunting and heavy breathing) and stunning visuals all fueled by natural light. From the director of 2014's best picture winner Birdman Alejandro Inarritu The Revenant's natural lighting, wide, open landscapes, sunshine flares, quiet peaceful soundtrack and repeated symbolic voiceover at the end has a true Terrence Malik feeling to it. Leo earned that Oscar.

Which film should have won best picture?

Room. There is no way in hell any other film should have won best picture. Even though being nominated for best picture Room is still an extremely underrated film. It's a film more tragic than any disaster movie. Brie Larson will break your heart as the son of young boy which has been locked away in a small room for all his life to one day escape. May I say that Brie Larson deserved to win best actress just as much as Leo deserved to win best actor. Jacob Tremblay stars as the young boy and is one of the best young actors to emerge since Natalie Portman in Leon the Professional. Room is everything all at once, tragic yet beautiful, heart- breaking yet life confirming and depressing while uplifting. Room will make you appreciate the life your living and perhaps even give you a new out look on life, a power that few movies have the power to do. What can I say? I loved this movie with all my heart, rarely does a film carry such power, not one frame was wasted. It'll make you cry harder and more solemnly than you have in a long time. I can say without any doubt Room is already one of the best movies of the decade and the Oscars made a huge mistake not awarding this one with best picture. A whole new reason to boycott. Personally one of my favorite films.

What's your opinion?

Who do you think should have won best picture?

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