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Brazilian Movies, City of God and Central Station-crime movies depicting violence, crime, conflict and bloodshed

Updated on August 24, 2012

Crime, Violence, Fight and Bloodshed in movies

City of God (2002) the celebrated Brazilian crime drama movie directed by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund was adapted from the celebrated novel City of God written by Paulo Lins. The movie portrays the rampant growth of crime in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro that happened between the closing years of the 1960s and the beginning years of 1980. The movie depicts the conflict between the criminal knockout Ned and the drug dealer Li'l Zé, towards the end. The movie has been names by some people as ‘the Brazilian Goodfellas.’ Though the movie was cast in the Rio de Janeiro outskirts, it has got universal appeal. The movie explains the inevitability of crime and violence in the impoverished suburbs where people are so desperate and deprived of hope. In the movie the killings, violence and the social discontent that prevail are presented with dark humor and excellent performances. The movie is based on real events that happened in Rio de Janeiro.

Drugs, Greed, Poverty, Violence and Drugs in Movies

The same events constituted the background of the novel City of God. The slums of Rio de Janeiro, is a real pandemonium. The place became a dangerous place to live in bythr 1980s. Absence of hope and opportunities pushed the people into the path of drugs, violence, corruption and crime. People therefore preferred to engage in crime and get a temporary fame instead of living a life of poverty and misery. Rio de Janeiro remained as the worst place to live in. It appeared as if God was not found there. Poverty was the theme of life. Greed, drugs, violence and crime ruled the city. Even children engaged in criminal activities. The portrayal of these real events gave the movie, City of God a universal appeal.


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    • Goldentvmemories profile image

      Goldentvmemories 6 years ago from London.

      I love both of these films - Central Station in particular. I find it really hard to watch violent stuff these days so won't be rewatching City of God for the forseeable future. Trying hard to whittle all negative things from my life. Anyway, Thanks for the hub, I enjoyed it.