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Classic TV Characters Who Purchase A Boat

Updated on May 10, 2020

A Christmas Boat Would Not Fit In Jed Clampett's Cement Pond


Laughter was emanating from the boat as I pedaled by on my bicycle, so I assumed those three fellows had just gotten the contraption. After all, there must be some truth behind that old adage about a man and his water vessel. It suggests that a man loves his boat for two days: the day he buys it, and the day he sells it.

Since these folks seemed to be enjoying the excursion, they were either brand new owners or actual exceptions to the joke. Because of the limited nice weather here and the costs of purchase as well as storing the things, there is really not much humor in owning a boat.

Some classic sitcoms, however, have managed to garner a few laughs from boat ownership, when a regular character undertakes the idea of buying one. Here are ten shows with episodes based on one of its stars contemplating or following through with the purchase.

1. The Simpsons
When gullible Homer is hoodwinked into buying a yacht, he attempts to offset the exorbitant expense by taking on co-owners such as Lennie and Carl.

2. Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
Owning a water craft should be a no-brainer for a Marine sergeant like Vince Carter, yet Gomer Pyle's commander (portrayed by Frank Sutton) suffers nothing but trouble when he decides to own one.

3. Officer Jim Reed
Throughout their shift in their ADAM-12 cruiser, Jim Reed (portrayed by Kent McCord) tries to persuade partner Pete Molloy (portrayed by Martin Millner) into become a co-owner of an available boat.

4. Quincy, M.E.
After gaining fame as the messier of an Odd Couple named Oscar Madison, Jack Klugman became a coroner who lives in a houseboat.

5. The Flintstones
In an episode called "Divided We Sail," Barney Rubble wins a boat and allows Fred to join him as co-captain.

6. The Brady Bunch
While Bobby (portrayed by Mike Lookinland) brings trouble as a hall monitor, his siblings help Mike and Carol repair an old sailboat in an episode titled "Law and Order."

7. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The title "The Gang Buys a Boat" pretty much sums up the plot, but trivia buffs might like to know that the boat belonged to Danny Devito and the guy playing the previous owner is Patrick Swayze's brother.

8. Friends
Joey (portrayed by Matt Lablanc) accidentally buys a boat at an auction, adding to the plot for "The One with the Proposal."

9. The Beverly Hillbillies
To celebrate "Christmas at the Clampetts" Mr. Drysdale (portrayed by Raymond Bailey) buys gifts, such as a boat and a television, that Jed and all of his kin think are odd objects.

10. The Office
Because his father has blown the family fortune, Andy Bernard (portrayed by Ed Helms) gets one more shot at finally captaining their yacht.


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