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Classic collection of Top 10 Comedy Movies of all time. Review, teaser and HD Trailer

Updated on July 27, 2013
Laughter is the best medicine
Laughter is the best medicine

Comedy movies are the best way to bring back smile on one's face. Whenever my mood takes a wrong turn, a comedy movie switches my mind back into happiness.

The movies listed down here are my personal favorites and also top rated movies of all time.

If you haven't watched any one of them, now is the time, rent/borrow/steal or buy but do watch these movies for sure.

And as the Saying goes, Laughter is the best medicine.

What else can I say, other than, Happy Movie Day, with giggles and laughter rolls !!

Liar Liar, Starring Jim Carrey as Fletcher
Liar Liar, Starring Jim Carrey as Fletcher

Liar Liar

Epitome of comedy movies, one of my most favorite Jim Carrey movies. Jim Carrey plays the hilarious role of a Lawyer named Fletcher.

Fletcher, a lawyer, who has destroyed his marriage relationship due to his mendacious ways and got separated from his Son, Max, is desperate to grow up the professional ladder by building a bridge full of lies.

Things go wary for Fletcher when the Birthday wish of his son Max comes true, and Fletcher becomes incapable of telling Lies for 24 hours.

The 24 hours of Fletchers life gets the laughter rolls among the audience and leaves them with a memorable laughter ride experience.

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

Liar Liar official HD Trailer

Kevin James and Salma Hayek in Here Comes the Boom
Kevin James and Salma Hayek in Here Comes the Boom

Here comes the Boom

Kevin James and Salma Hayek star in this outstanding laughter movie, Here comes the Boom.

A Biology teacher, played by Kevin James, tries his hand on Mixed Martial arts, to raise money to prevent extra curricular activity being stopped in his cash strapped school.

All the fight sequences in the movie are shot with a classic comic sense and is sure to make you laugh hard and laugh out loud.

Do watch it for Kevin James,Salma Hayek and the never ending Laughter joy ride.

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

Here Comes the Boom Official HD trailer

The Hangover
The Hangover

The Hangover

Slowly when we were getting accustomed to a generic pattern of comedy movies, here came the most entertaining and full of Laughter twists and turns, the amazingly hilarious movie, The Hangover.

Three Grooms men along with their to be wed buddy, land up in Las Vegas to celebrate Bachelors party, end up losing the to be wed groom to a night of drunken extravaganza.

The sequence of never ending fun begins when the three grooms men, played by Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms, get set on a Journey to trace back the sequence of events that happened in the night to get back the Groom and their friend.

You can't get this one to slip away. Must watch !!

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

The Hangover official HD trailer

Meet the Parents, Starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro
Meet the Parents, Starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro

Meet the Parents

Simply wow ! One of the classic comedy which brings out the relation between a Father in Law and Son in Law humourously and takes the audience in a journey of never ending Laughter.

Greg Focker, played by Ben Stiller, is about to propose for marriage to his Girlfriend, but before he can make his move, he needs to win the trust of her Father, the former CIA Agent, Jack Byrnes, played by Robert De Niro.

The humorous twists and turns in the movie, surely takes the viewers through a roller coaster ride of never ending happiness.

I simply love this movie. Go and grab your copy today :)

IMDB Rating: 7/10

Meet the Parents - Official HD trailer

Meet the Fockers

If you thought that the Laughter ride ended with Meet the Parents. Believe me or not, the ride gets even more thrilled with hell break of Laughter rolls, when Byrnes family meets Fockers family.

The second part amazes the viewer even more, with simply amazing comic timings and laughter rides.

Family Circle of trust expands and so does the Laughter dose !! Do make it a point to watch it !!

IMDB Rating: 6.3/10

Meet the Fockers Official HD trailer

Jim Carrey in and As Bruce Almighty
Jim Carrey in and As Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey, yeah the name says it all, yet again he plays a hilarious role of a news reporter who always complains about God.

Until finally one day when he meets God and is asked to step into his shoes for Once and try and run the world.

He happily agrees to take on the Job and what happens next is, a truck load of happiness bursting out all around.

A must watch !!

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Bruce Almighty Official HD trailer

Adam Sandler in and as Happy Gilmore
Adam Sandler in and as Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandlers classic movie, a failed hockey player turns into a Pro Golf player with his unique skills.

Happy Gilmore makes it a point to take it on him and win the PGA tour to help his Grandmother get back her house.

One of the best classic comedy that you can ever watch and laugh over it again and again.

IMDB Rating: 6.9/10

Happy Gilmore official HD Trailer

Adam Sandler starring in That's My Boy
Adam Sandler starring in That's My Boy

That's My Boy

Another magical bag of Laughter pulled in by Adam Sandler, with his latest flick, That's My Boy.

Adam Sandler plays the role of a spoilt grown up, Donny, who fathered a son Todd in his teenage, the son, who is born after Donny has sexual encounter with his school teacher.

The Laughter ride begins when he meets his son Todd after several years, just before Todd is going to get married.

You can bet your money on this movies, and it surely will make you laugh !!

IMDB Rating: 5.5/10

That's My Boy official HD trailer

Zach and Robert starring in Due Date
Zach and Robert starring in Due Date

Due Date

A piece of raw comedy, played by Zach Galifiankis and Robert Downey, Due Date is a tale of wealthy rich man paired up with a struggling actor, over a road trip to reach back home in time for his baby's delivery date.

Zach and Robert play their role to perfection making it a enjoyable laughter rider for their viewers.

Don't forget, you are all set to touch the raw laughter out here. Go get it !!

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Due Date official HD Trailer

Vince Vaughn and Kevin James in The Dilemma
Vince Vaughn and Kevin James in The Dilemma

The Dilemma

Vince Vaugh and Kevin James take it all out when it comes to Comedy. The duo play the role of best friends in the movie.

Things take a dramatically hilarious turn when Vince disovers that Kevin's wife is having a affiar with some other Guy.

The dilemma of laughter, joy and thrilled anticiaption of smiles begin when Vince tries to get the facts out to Kevin.

Go for it !!

IMDB Rating: 5.2/10

The Dilemma official HD trailer


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    • mr-veg profile image

      mr-veg 4 years ago from Colorado United States

      @beingwell Thanks for stoping by ! Glad that you liked these movies..

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 4 years ago from Bangkok

      I watched most the the films you mentioned. Good choices! :)

    • mr-veg profile image

      mr-veg 4 years ago from Colorado United States

      They are all fun to watch, aren't they :). I wanted to add Little Fockers in but here comes the boom with Kevin James making it awesomely delight to watch won over it :) Good to see that you love comedies Steph !!

    • stephanieb27 profile image

      stephanieb27 4 years ago from United States

      I love comedies!! My favorite from this list is The Hangover! The only one I haven't seen is Here Comes the Boom. I'll have to check it out! :)