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Classical Piano Music Is Now Right At Your Fingertips

Updated on February 13, 2013

The search for classical piano music sheets has always been a bit of a hit or miss proposition. Going to the store and finding what you want in their inventory was always a challenge, since of course it would be impossible to maintain a selection to meet the needs of everyone all the time. With the explosive growth of the internet, the chances of finding what you are looking for have gone up geometrically. Whether it is a Bach piano concerto or a Brahms lullaby, you can find almost anything, anytime online. With the click of a mouse you can download your selection of classical piano music instantly.

So, what will you be looking for?

The piano, with its eighty eight black and white keys has long been an important instrument in a wide range of musical styles. The world of rock and roll, for instance, has been influenced by this versatile instrument through the talents of people like Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Elton John, and Billy Joel. And the most contemporary artists in Pop music like Lady GaGa or modern country phenomenon Taylor Swift play their trade on the venerable piano. But the instrument first appeared on the music scene several hundred years ago, and there is a lot of classical piano music that you now have at your fingertips.

Piano music through the ages

The most immediate predecessor of the piano was the harpsichord, which in its turn was a natural progression from the harp - but instead of plucking the strings with your fingers, quills plucked the strings to produce the sound. In the piano (or “piano-forte”, translating as “soft-loud”), created in the 18th century, the hammers that strike the cords when you press the keys were designed in such a way as to not only produce a sound, but also to create different volume levels to add to the musical composition.


Not only the modern stars mentioned above, but many of the most memorable musicians of the distant past have been pianists. Johann Sebastian Bach lived before the time of the fortepianos, but was a brilliant harpsichordist, and his pieces work very well on modern instruments. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a prodigious child that began playing the piano at the tender age of three. By the time he reached the age of five he was already composing music for the piano. Ludwig van Beethoven, who was a near contemporary of Mozart was another accomplished pianist and composer at a very young age. Despite losing the ability to hear in his mid twenties he went on to compose some of the most recognizable melodies and enduring symphonies of all time.

Frédéric Chopin and Franz Liszt dominated the music of the early Romantic era, and were both amazing virtuosos of the keyboard. In the beginning of the 20th century, Rachmaninov brought pianism to a new golden era with his awe-inspiring Piano Concertos.

The list could go on and on. In terms of longevity, and transcending generations with the complex textures of melodies and familiar riffs, classical piano music is, and will remain a favorite. This goes for all ages and cultures into the foreseeable future, no matter what musical instrument tries to take its place.


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