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Clerks 2 Review

Updated on March 11, 2011

Clerks 2 movie poster

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My review on the latest Kevin Smith movie

    Kevin Smith is loved by many, and also not known my many. His movies often times turn into cult classics where people love it so much and they make shirts, websites, ect ect. If you have heard of Snakes on a Plane then you know what i mean. In Clerks 2, Kevin Smith sticks with the rediculous dialogue and extreme cussing to keep everyone laughing. 

    Here's the story, Dante and Randall have gotten a job at a fast food restaurant because the market they worked at from the last movie was burned down.... by Randall. Dante is going to be getting married and a new job, but all this means that he must leave New Jersey and go to Miami with his girlfriend's family. Randall and his boss Becky aren't too happy with this and during the whole movie talk to him about it to see if thats what he really wants. The movie takes place during one day and during the day hilarity ensues when nerds, donkeys, transformers, Jay and Silent Bob, and a kid Elias join the scene. The story isn't the most creative but some of the dialogue is and the humor brings it together. 

    The characters are the big humor part in the movie. Each one has their own unique personality. Elias is a 19 year old kid fresh out of highschool who gets a ride to work from his mommy and kisses her as he leaves. He is a total nerd and was brought up to think that if he sins then a troll will get him and he will go to hell. Elias was my favorite character because of his facial expressions and just the way he acted was so.... akward that it was funny. His arguments with Randall also make for a good ol knee slapper. Randall himself is also funny but a little predictable in the humor area and sort of rediculous the fact that nobody is really like that. Dante for having such a tough name, is a total wuss and sucks at acting, he was my least favorite character because watching him act was like watching a Mexican soap opera. Jay and Silent Bob make a return into this movie and they do their usual non sense. The other side characters are more normal and have their good parts. 

    The humor in the movie is very crude and full of bad words. It didn't bother me but i know some may be offended by it so be careful. Although some of the humor was funny and clever, other times it just felt too obvious and to out of place like they were trying to hard. But if you like Kevin Smith movies then you know what to expect and this movie delivers with that.

    That said, i give this movie a B because it was funny but wasn't that great. I recommend it to all Kevin Smith lovers and anyone looking for a decent comedy during the matinee time. I don't recommend seeing this at the later time beause it's just not worth the extra money unless you are a baller. 



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    • profile image

      Rick 10 years ago

      This movie wasted almost 2 hours of my life. I should have listened to everyone else. Don't make the same mistake.

    • profile image

      Kathy 11 years ago

      Great review, but bad movie. I can't believe I'm saying this but Rosario Dawson was, by far, the strongest actor in this one.

      Kevin Smith's dialogue needs work. The actors always end up sounding way too scripted. Comes off amateurish even though there's potential for it to be hilarious.

    • Arahorn profile image

      Arahorn 11 years ago from The Entrace

      Ive seen number 1 and loved it. Going to have to check out this one aswell!!