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Coldplay in DC

Updated on July 9, 2012

Last night, I together with fellow Washingtonians were in for a one-of-a-kind musical extravaganza. British chart toppers Coldplay performed a sold out show at the Verizon Center. Everybody became nostalgic when the band sang their greatest hits. When we arrived at the stadium, we were given a wristband that we would be wearing for the concert. I thought it was just a fancy gadget that could pass for a souvenir. It turned out that the wristband served as props for the band's opening number. The lights went out as the band walked on stage. They started playing and the wristbands were lit. A spectrum of colors glowed in the dark as the spectators sang and cheered. We sang "My Place" with the band while the confetti showered the stage. The concert was like a laser light show as laser beams flashed to all corners of the stadium. There was never a dull moment in their presentation. The fans knew the lyrics of every song. Chris Martin commended the crowd for being an amazing audience. Whenever I listen to Coldplay's music, I feel light because their songs sound therapeutic. I am healed when I listen to Chris Martin's soothing voice. The band has a rock star appeal. It was evident the whole night since the crowd was filled with vitality. When the band played their song "Yellow", the stage shone in a yellow light. Coldplay is not only known for their upbeat tempos. Chris Martin set the tone when he belted out "Fix You" and "The Scientist". The songs may be melancholic, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the fans. Chris Martin's energy was boundless. He was jumping up and down and running around the stage. When he sang his Grammy winning song, "Viva LaVida", the crowd was on fire and so was the entire band. They tried to be closer to their fans by going to the bleachers. They set an intimate mood by playing an acoustic version of "Speed of Sound". To cap the night, the band sang "Waterfall". The crowd went wild and were satisfied with the band's high-octane performance. The show didn't last for two hours. It started at 9:15 and ended before the clock struck 11. The people were euphoric all night. Every cent spent was worth it. Coldplay may be one of the world's top-selling acts, but they are more than what meets they eye. They are better heard and seen live. They can sustain the crowd's enthusiasm and attention with their melodious tunes and stage presence. Watching a Coldplay concert should be in everyone's bucket list. The concert left everybody in high spirits.


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