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Collected Wallpapers

Updated on October 14, 2009

Many people type and then write wallpapers or free wallpapers or desktop wallpapers or free desktop wallpapers or laptop wallpapers or high resolution wallpapers etc. It means that computer's desktop wallpaper is one of the demanding thing to all of the users whether the user is young or old. I too, like wallpapers very much. I search Google to search them. Moreover, I joined several groups just to collect beautiful, excellent wallpapers which has high resolution and fit for my computer screen. I published several hubs which has several excellent wallpapers. Today, I just decided that I will build one page to give hint to the hubs which has excellent wallpaper related. So, I present all my published hubs which has wallpaper related. You just click on the link and you will redirected to those wallpaper related hubs. One thing, the wallpapers are collected several sources most cases I found them to my mail box (as I joined several groups) and my friends. Hope, you enjoy my wallpaper collections.

These screen shot reveals that many people like to search wallpapers through
These screen shot reveals that many people like to search wallpapers through


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    • profile image

      irfan 5 years ago


    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Nice wallpapers it is obvious you enjoy the beauty of a woman. Great job. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy changing wallpapers often. It is allot of fun. Rated up joined your club too. Hugs Galore Skye

    • profile image

      max 6 years ago


    • shoban babu profile image

      shoban babu 7 years ago from Los Angles

    • profile image

      hjn 7 years ago

      nice wallpaper

    • profile image

      umer 8 years ago

      realy can check thousand of wallpapers on my site too.thanks for this post.

    • profile image

      best wallpaper collection 8 years ago

      nice picture. i will help rate this hub one level up :)

    • profile image

      MANJU AISH 8 years ago


    • meteoboy profile image

      meteoboy 8 years ago from GREECE

      Beatiful eyes and cool hub.Thank you for sharing.

    • samironwebtrack profile image

      samironwebtrack 8 years ago

      nice hub regarding wallpaper, i am gr8 collector of wallpaper

    • KJRaider profile image

      KJRaider 8 years ago

      WEll they are nice but most are not for women. I always get my wallpaper from But these are nice.

    • profile image

      jeevan.sagar 8 years ago


    • mrfren profile image

      Rajesh Arora 8 years ago from Amritsar

      gre8 hub