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Funny Color Cartoons

Updated on June 29, 2021
NewHorizons profile image

I always had several hobbies but sort of off and on, changing from one to the other. A bit crazy perhaps. At the moment it is funny draw..

Painting Color Comics - the Beneficial side of persuing a Hobby

Before I show my drawings I would like to talk about the beneficence of hobbies. They are often thought of as activities for people who are pensioners or for those who lead relatively quiet lives. However it is proved that those with busy and stressful lives need hobbies more than others and would benefit hugely from persuing one or more hobbies.

A hobby would be especially welcome to people who are overloaded with what they have to do and need some quality-time to recharge their batteries. It is not enough to get some sleep since the brain would continue to work on the same boring 'work-things'. A hobby such as Color Comics or funny acronyms would provide an interesting break from the usual stressful work schedule.

Hobbies provide a sort of challenge and may be a source of 'drive' for the person who lacks the enjoyment of life and whose only 'interest' is his daily workload. Hobbies require work, attention and indulgence but it is 'fun-work' very different from the humdrum daily routine.

Besides, a hobby may lend itself to make one associate with groups or with individuals with the same interest, such as painting classes or tennis clubs. We all know the benefits of going out and meeting your friends to talk about your latest creation and what this can do against boredom and stress.

A hobby can bring back some fun into our lives and it would be a huge advantage if one could find the time to indulge in a pleasurable hobby or pass-time. There is no need to indulge in an expensive hobby like golf or tennis. Something simple would be just fine even if it is a stay-at-home one.

My latest is color comics and it costs me practically nothing.

2 Hobbies Together

I like jokes. Everybody does, I think and I like drawing/painting too. So I amalgamate the two together and try to bring out the joke in a simple color drawing.

At first I used to do them in pencil as in my other Hub Funny Drawings but using color is much more fun.

Here's the first one. I hope you like them and that they make you smile:)


Joke about Hell

Meant as a joke but the topic is not so funny, is it !!!
Meant as a joke but the topic is not so funny, is it !!!

Joke about Donkey

Painting the jokes on the computer is indeed fun but very time consuming. The drawing of the donkey joke and all the others took me more than an hour to complete.

Poor thing!! Stupid master .........
Poor thing!! Stupid master .........

Joke about Girl in the Snow

Sometimes the jokes require 2 or more frames to produce. I usually do them in the evening/nighttime instead of watching a film or DVD.

In this case, however, I could use the same painting for both frames.

Joke about Car

This is what happens if we do not think twice about what we are doing ................
This is what happens if we do not think twice about what we are doing ................
She'll be late for work, surely.........
She'll be late for work, surely.........

Joke about Stammering

I don't mean to laugh at someone who stammers of course. We all have our weak points but this joke is really funny, and it really happened by the way.

The picture here is more like a sketch in ink and filled in with some color. Done rather hastily??

We all have our defects
We all have our defects

Again in the next picture I am not making fun of these people. As I said before we all have our weak points and defects. Who hasn't !!!

Joke about Deaf People

Gozo island setting, fields separated by rubble walls, people working in the fields, blue skies, etc
Gozo island setting, fields separated by rubble walls, people working in the fields, blue skies, etc

This one is about Gozo, the wonderful island where I live. Our roads however are not too smooth and when using the public transport on some of the roads (many rather) you are made to jump and jostle in your seat. Quite entertaining sometimes.

It seems though that now someone is finally giving 'the humps and dumps' some attention.

Joke about Public Transport

We'll b b be ar ar iving s so soon .....
We'll b b be ar ar iving s so soon .....

Joke about Language Schools

Many students from all over the world come over to Gozo and to Malta to study English. We have students from China, India, the Arab countries, Japan and others. English is our second language here since our Islands were occupied by the British for almost 200 years from 1800 to 1979 to be exact. The foreign students enjoy their stay here because besides learning English they enjoy our hospitality, our climate and environment and also the night life which young people love so much.

Truly happened.  I personally know the guy who tried it on a german student studying English in Gozo, Malta
Truly happened. I personally know the guy who tried it on a german student studying English in Gozo, Malta

Joke about Fat and Thin people

There's not much to comment on this one, except that in life it's best to try to steer towards the middle and away from the 2 extremes. Not too fat and not too thin in everything that we do, smoking, drinking, eating and even working (earning money).

Marcellino, the boy who loved Jesus

This is not a joke really. It's just sweet. I don't know if you agree ...........

Vote for the Joke not for the Drawing

Which Joke did you like best, if any?

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In The Madhouse

The Mechanic

I once read a joke about the mechanic/s. The worst sound that you can hear is when the mechanic whistles under your car. As you hear his low tuneless whistle you say to yourself, "Oh my God, it's very serious from the sound of it". And you start calculating how much it's going to cost you, 300, 500 or more?

I think they charge phenomenal prices........and yet this one is not satisfied.

Will the Director release her now ! !

Children will be children ............................


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