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Comic observations by a 10 year old on the perplexites of human biological functions.

Updated on October 4, 2009

 Comic observations by a ten-year old

on the perplexites of human biological functions. ©-MFB III


© All rights reserved

Beneath the sink
in my house of three sisters
is a box or two of mysterious origin
  tucked way in the back as if trying to hide a treasure
  funny little paper wrapped tubes with a string attached
    mini-rockets of some kind, that they only pay attention too
    once in a while, but then I never know what becomes of them these
      tubular cardboard dilemma's lying in neat rows like sardines unserved
      I shake my head and quickly shove them back beneath the copper pipes
And then there are the panty shields???
I know of course what panties are even at 10
  but shields? When I think of shields I picture
    a quarter inch thick, steel plate bent to deflect
    cannon balls, guided missiles, and  six inch swords
      but panty shields... what the heck are they protecting down there?
Of course I've always been the curious adolescent
  even at a much younger age I would explore the forbidden fruits
  it's not my first encounter with the strange things stored round here
    I used to love to open my Daddies very top drawer
    that he always assumed was too high for me to reach
      chairs are a wonderful invention that boosted many a child's
        level of education to a higher degree of comprehension of life
        inside that drawer I would find these round slippery rubber things
          encased in a bright foil pack, they would wiggle and squirm in
          the square that held them so very snugly in their liquid place,
            it piqued my much that I'd further my study
              I used to get a needle and poke them to see if any one of
              those little suckers were alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      "That's probably why Mom had five kids and a hysterectomy!"


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