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Common Fishing Mistakes

Updated on August 6, 2009
Want results like THIS?! It's EASY! Just follow these 18 easy rules!
Want results like THIS?! It's EASY! Just follow these 18 easy rules!

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Common Fishing Mistakes

It has come to my attention, that a lot of people are having the same problems when fishing. I had people come to me with dozens of problems they were having fishing and what they were doing that was causing them to not catch any fish. I selected the ones that I believe people have the most trouble with. Hope you are better fisherman and fisherladys after reading this.

- Don’t just put the end of your fishing pole in the water and swish it back and forth. Yes, its fun, no it doesn’t catch fish.

- Don’t play loud music, fish like soft jazz.

- The ducks may be invading your fishing space, but they live there and you don’t. It IS fun, but don’t try and hit the ducks with the worm… Sorry

- Don’t cast as far as you can and just reel it back in repeatedly. I don’t know anything about fish’s intelligence, but they have to be smarter than to buy that the fake worm on your hook keeps jumping in the water and swimming back to shore.

- Fish don’t have a sense of humor. Don’t try to play games with the fish, because they just don’t care. If you try to tell a joke to a fish, it will swim away… Unless this fish is the Incredible Mr. Limpet. Good luck with that.

- Don’t go swimming while fishing. The fish will surely go somewhere else.

- Don’t fire any type of automatic weapon. The loud, rapid gunshots will, scare them away. Trust me.

- Do not let a dog in the water near your fishing spot. Fish don’t like dogs.

- No chainsaws. You may encounter a tree that is in the perfect fishing spot, but you keep losing lines and hooks in the branches. Don’t whip out the chainsaw in your tackle box. I don’t know if the fish will care, but I’m sure the police will have something to say.

- No googlie eyes on your bait. It doesn’t matter whether you use live or fake bait, as long as you don’t put googlie eyes on them.

- Water bottles and candy wrappers don’t count as fish bait, so please, no more trying to catch fish with them.

- No paintball guns. If you fire these into the water, they may burst and create an unpleasant sound and sight for the fish.

- Broken golf clubs don’t catch fish. Or turtles.

- Golf balls do catch turtles. Top-Flite 4s and all Ben Hogans.

- Fish calls don’t work.

- Don’t bounce the bait on top of the water.

- Wood Bass aren’t real.

- Fish aren’t the boss. You are.


Here is some reader’s feedback on these tips.

Dear parkerk393,

So I was fishing with my friend Matthew, and he shot the turtles with a 12 gauge rifle. I wondered if that’s why we didn’t catch any fish that day, and according to this article, or “hub”, it turns out I was right! Thanks!

#1 Fan,

Jo Hun (via Twitter)


Hey man! Thanks for letting me know about the chainsaw thing before I tried it! I already had it packed for my fishing trip tomorrow and boy oh boy I’m sure glad I read this hub!

You rock dude!

Brock (via text message)


Hey parkerk393,

I have one three consecutive Pappy Elkins Fishing Tournaments and I hope to win a fourth with this priceless information. I’ve also used Top-Flite 4 golf balls in turtle catching contests! I guess my secret has gotten out now. Oh well, I found another failsafe turtle bait (which of course I can’t tell you) in case my competition starts using Ben Hogan golf balls in the tournaments every month. Great info! This will save people tons of hours trying to catch fish the wrong way!

PappyFisherNumberOne (via Facebook)



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    • parkerk393 profile image

      parkerk393 8 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      What? Are you talking about Jo Hun's friend Matthew?

      Haha! Sorry, I just remember you telling me you shot turtles. LOL

    • MatthewLee293 profile image

      MatthewLee293 8 years ago

      It was a .410 shotgun you imbecile. Get your facts straight. And for the record, the turtles were the reason that there were no fish in the pond to catch. :ppp

    • parkerk393 profile image

      parkerk393 8 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      Thanks! Haha! It was fun to write.

    • johnb0127 profile image

      johnb0127 8 years ago from TX

      HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA That is all I have to say. I am guilty of just about all of this, especially the firearms. Lol, very good hub and helpful tips!