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Common Law (USA Network) - Series Premiere: Synopsis and Review

Updated on August 18, 2012
Common Law
Common Law | Source

‘Common Law’ revolves around Wes Mitchell (Warren Kole, ‘The Chicago Code’) and Travis Marks (Michael Ealy, ‘Californication’), two homicide detectives. They’re partners, but they have some issues. So, after Wes pulled his gun on Travis, their captain decided they should try couples counseling with Dr. Elyse Ryan (Sonya Walger’, ‘Lost’).
‘Common Law’ is created by Cormac and Marianne Wibberley and is broadcasted on USA Network on Fridays at 10/9c.

The first episode of this series starts with Wes and Travis at their couples counseling meeting. They are told to get to know each other better and they’re supposed to fill in a form with questions about each other. Travis takes the counseling quite serious, but Wes doesn’t see the point of it all. As their counseling proceeds, it becomes clear that Wes and Travis are opposites of each other in almost every way. The one thing they have in common, though, is the thing that keeps them together: they want to see justice done.

Wes (left) and Travis (right)
Wes (left) and Travis (right) | Source

‘Common Law’ is a lot like other cop shows. There is a murder, and two detectives try to solve the case. The difference however lies in the detectives. Not only do their personalities give a nice twist to the story (for instance; Travis stops two robbers from robbing a gas station by pretending he is in fact trying to rob it as well), but they also give them an extra challenge. It’s hard to convince your boss that you and your partner are getting along well when you’re falling through windows while fighting with him, so imagine trying to convince him of your theory on who killed your victim while you’re debating with your partner.

The way Wes and Travis interact with each other makes for a very funny show. Their constant bickering forms a balance with their gruesome cases. Because they work together there is no escaping their issues, so even when they’re working on their case there is still a certain lightheartedness to the situation. Of course, these types of situations, two opposed partners in a lighthearted setting, is what USA Network is somewhat known for. And not without reason, it works very well together!

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    • Robin Oatley profile image

      Robin Oatley 5 years ago

      @Alecia: well, good looking men do have the tendency to draw a lot of female viewers at first, and then they stick around because the shows are good. I won't deny looking at Michael Ealy has been a treat ;)

      @Dianna (Teaches): you definitely should watch this show, it's very entertaining!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      After reading your article on the show, I am going to have to watch it. Sounds like an interesting show with a good twist on partners in law.

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      I will admit the only thing that had me interested in this show was looking at Michael Ealy and his gorgeous eyes for an hour a week but I enjoyed it more than I thought. I give USA credit for taking common concept shows and making them unique. It was funny and insightful. Great review Robin!