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Connecting With and Growing Your Audience

Updated on June 23, 2013

Your audience is yours! Every last one of your listeners, followers, supporters, die hard fans should be considered family to you! They are around because of what you offer and want to see what you have next, especially if you've just started. How great is it to say I've heard about such and such an artist before they hit it big? It's great, so make sure you continue to give them a reason to keep connection with you!

1. There's Only One You

How do you do that? Simply be yourself. They love you because you are you and not something or someone else. It is the realness and authenticity you bring to your craft that will have and keep people's attention. You don't have to and should not solely promote what you are doing. Show something from behind the scenes, share some wisdom you've learned, show a bit of what makes you you!

2. There's Love On A Two Way Street

Make it a two way street and it will become even easier and more fun to connect with your audience. Usually when I put up a new youtube video I respond to comments as soon as they appear. It for one makes me happy that people are responding to my videos and also lets me see a bit into each individual listener. Plus people love getting responses! It will keep you motivated and happy to put out the next great thing that you have and you'll probably get even more responses.

3. Take Them Beyond Just Being A Fan

Treat your audience like your family by giving them attention and not just throwing out promotions. A more intimate and relatable approach is more appreciated, beneficial and motivating for you and makes for happier and more die hard followers, fans, supports, and more in the long run.

Use this approach whether you are online or performing at a show and you will truly benefit from this approach.

There are so many other ways of connecting with your fans and keeping them coming back for more. Some of the basic principles revolve around the three points I discussed above. Try to incorporate them into your shows, your daily interactions with your fans. Start with one small change and see what that does for you. Use these tips to figure out new ways to please and intrigue your audience.


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