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CookUpBoss : Closer Look

Updated on December 13, 2017

Cub Da CookUpBoss

cub da cook up boss
cub da cook up boss

Also known by the name CubLoc, Cub Da CookUpBoss is a local of Nashville, Tennessee. He began recording music around 2011, and was featured on the song " " by Young Buck in 2012.

Although Da CookUpBoss is relatively still unknown, his music is beginning to catch the attention of new listeners. I've been scouring the internet trying to learn as much about CubLoc as I can.


CubLoc grew up in government housing in Nashville, but this was never a factor that help him back. He set his goals to build his brand, and he his hard at work accomplishing them.

Since his debut on the music scene, it's been clear that Da CookUpBoss is on the fast track to making himself and his music well known. He is the founder of ShifeLife Records, which has produced most of his tracks.

In 2013 Da CookUpBoss stayed busy, releasing an LP and a mixtape within months of each other and featuring a slew of talented rap musicians. Throughout the years his success and ambition has only grown. He has been featured on several tracks with a lot of well known artists including Boosie, Young Buck, Don Trip, Project Pat, and most recently Yelawolf.

Yelawolf and Cub Da Cook Up Boss
Yelawolf and Cub Da Cook Up Boss

Cub Da Cook Up Boss has a unique sound, yet he easily fits into the category of Southern Rap, however he does not seem easily confined into this genre.

Recently, Yelawolf and Da CookUpBoss teamed up to release a few tracks that were a treat to fan of both musicians. Yelawolf has been hard at it, leaving no stone un-turned, and he continues to work with a wide variety of musicians. However, his work with CookUpBoss is what caused me discover him. So thanks Yelawolf, for making Da CookUpBoss easier to find.

I am excited to see what Da CookUpBoss has in the works. His fresh sound and his determination is sure to keep the fans lining up.


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