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Coolest Club Ever

Updated on May 27, 2015

LED Lights

LED Lights and EL Wire Can Make The Difference
LED Lights and EL Wire Can Make The Difference

Club Lights Can Make a Night Club

Walking into something special can be, well, special. What I'm talking about is finding a club that makes you go, "Wow". I would be willing to bet lighting had a big part in making this club "special". Clubs spend thousands or even millions of dollars on creating the perfect atmosphere to put you right at ease. Sometimes it is the fabrics and the materials that are dressed on the walls or seats. Sometimes it is the special drinks that get us liquored up. The one common denominator about all these clubs is probably the club lights used in them. Lighting is one of those things that can create something unique, something that makes you smile, or one of the very few things that makes you look up.

There are lots of ways to do it, but the newest thing that creates a standout club is EL Wire. It comes in many colors, can be used in nearly every walkway, crevice, or subtle corner you can light up. EL Wire is where the market is going towards, getting your eyes drawn towards the fancy lights seen above or below, that may flicker, flash or jump their way into your heart. Getting in on the newest trend is what all club owners hope for and to be at the top is the greatest feeling we can have. EL Wire is so versatile, that you can have it light up as bright as you like, flicker like a strobe, or dance to the music. You can hook them up to special sequencers to create an amazing light show that no one will forget.

We all have our own ideas of what we think makes a club stand out from others and we have all seen what we think is the coolest club ever. My goal is to help more club owners create that "WOW" factor for the public to enjoy. EL Wire and EL Panels is alluring and inviting to visitors and guaranteed have patrons talking about the bright lasting effect it had on your club-going experience.


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