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Awesome Things You can Buy Online For Under $20

Updated on December 1, 2014

Tablet That Temporarily Warps Your Tastebuds

Miracle berry Tables is a small tablet that temporarily changes the flavor of foods.

Lemons, beer, coffee, and all other bitter foods will all taste really sweet, while making other fruits taste incredibly insane. I have also been told that drinking a cup of pure lemons juice tastes absolutely godly.

They completely warp the tastes off all foods, not just sweet and bitter. Some people commonly will host tripping parties where they invite all their friends and everyone just tastes the crazy flavors of common everyday foods.

The effects of this last about a whole hour and makes for an incredibly interesting time. I could also seeing these being a really fun thing to bring to a party or what not.

The only ingredients in these are Miracle Berry Powder and corn starch. Each tablet is two servings, or one if you're feeling for a more intense experience, and they have no harmful side effects.

These Miracle Tablets run online for for about $15, you can get them on Amazon right here.

Futuristic Toy Great For Christmas Present Idea

This super magnetic smart putty is probably one of the coolest things ever.

Embedded inside this putty are millions of tiny micron-sized magnets.

You can throw a magnet onto it and the smart putty will literally swallow the whole thing.

You can mold it, bounce it, rip it and shape it into infinitely any way you want, It's just like silly putty but only ten times more fun. Although when its in the presence of a magnetic field like the included super strong ceramic magnet it shows some pretty insane properties.

You can flatten it out into a sheet and have the whole putty lift up to the magnet. You can even get a small strand of the smart putty to float in the air, as you see in the picture. I have also found it to be extremely calming and almost meditative to play with.

You can check it out right here

Drink From Any Dirty Water Source

The Time Magazine invention of the year, The Life Straw.

This revolutionary straw lets you drink from any river or water source and filters 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites through the use of hollow-fiber membranes that are built into the straw.

This devices passes the EPA standards for water filters and filters to an amazing 0.2 microns.

This is a must have for lightweight backpackers, campers, hikers, traveler, hunter or for any emergency situations and has been used around the world since 2005. The Life Straw can be used to drink from any river or water sources, even muddy, dirty water with complete ease. These things also last a ridiculous long time, so you won't need to go and buy a new one any time soon.

You can buy it on Amazon right here

Free Up Space In Your Fridge

The new BottleLoft is a revolutionary device that hangs bottles on the top of your fridge instead of taking up space on the shelves.

The device works by using super strong neodymium magnets and will easily hold up any beer, soda, or any other bottle that has a metal lid on it.

The magnets can hold up to 50 pounds of weight so you won't be dropping any beers any time soon. They also come with a super sticky 3M adhesive tape to stick the strip to the top of your fridge.

You can check out there Kickstarter page right here

Multi-purpose phone case online

This bottle opener iphone case is truly one of a kind. Never be stuck with a beer and no bottle opener again.

The case itself is a pretty solid and has a great feel and finish to it, and also opens up bottles and cans with complete ease.

These could be a great gift for anyone with it being pretty unique and very functional.

I have always loved having this thing in my pocket and being able to pull it out and show it off to anyone asking for a bottle opener. Everyone who I have showed it to just absolutely loved it and was in awe.

-Brandon The One

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